What problems or risk factors (define the terms) were presented that appear to have caused the maltreatment?

Watch “The Broken Child” posted within Learning Module Two.

  1. Select one (1) of the people/situations portrayed in the video. Discuss the following questions for the person/situation you chose:

a. What type(s) of child maltreatment was portrayed?  Define the type(s) and explain what you saw that made you think of this type of maltreatment? b. What problems or risk factors (define the terms) were presented that appear to have caused the maltreatment?  c. What effect of the maltreatment did you see?  d. What was your opinion of the attempts at intervention that were made? e. What was surprising to you about this person or situation?  Why was this surprising to you?   The  purpose of the reflection paper is to provide you with an opportunity  to think about and respond to the video, particularly in light of  lectures and readings.  Thoughts, reactions, and questions about the video should be recorded in this paper.  Please do not simply summarize what happened in the video – you will lose points on the assignment for doing this. You MUST cite at least three (3) sources of information in your paper (e.g., material from your book, the readings, or the lecture) to receive full credit. Your paper should be at least two (2) pages and no more than three (3) pages. 
Must be able to find the textbook Child Abuse and Neglect: Second Edition by Monica L. McCoy and Stefanie M. Keen.
Will attach further readings and power point lectures
Everything must be cited in APA format including references page

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