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 Discussion 1

In PSY 108, you learned about old beliefs on left brain/right brain function, and current knowledge on how the two parts of the brain function separately and work together.

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After reading Chapter 2 of your text, and watching Split Brain Behavioral Experiment, address the following questions in your initial discussion post:

  • How did the video influence your thoughts about the topic of left brain/right brain?
  • What would your reaction be to a person’s claim that they are right-brained or left-brained? In other words, is hemispheric specialization absolute or relative (feel free to also search the internet to get your answer to this)?
  • Did the results of the studies depicted in the video surprise you? Why or why not?
  •  Keep in mind that right-handed males are most likely to show cerebral asymmetry, especially for language. Differences are not as common in right-handed females or left-handed people of either sex.



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To complete this assignment, review the Topic Proposal and Literature Review Worksheet document, which will guide you through describing your chosen topic and the resources to support it. Refer to the Topic Proposal and Literature Review Worksheet Example document to assist you in filling out the worksheet.

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