Unit 7 Assignment – Kodak Case 9.1

Unit 7 Assignment:

Kodak Case 9-1: In this Assignment, you will be assessed based on the following outcome:

Project financial statements, including the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows, for an organization.

In this Assignment, you will use the current financial statements of Kodak and what you have learned to produce pro forma financial statements to forecast their financial future.

You will learn to search the key results that may impact Kodak’s future financial performance. This lesson will prepare you to participate fully in the real management of any company.

Locate the Kodak Case 9-1 (Attached) on page 537 of your text. Be sure to submit thoughtful and substantial answers to the questions following each case (Requirements and Case analysis are in attached word document

Grading rubric:

Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft Word document

Response successfully answers Assignment Questions for this case; Prepare a forecast of an income statement, balance sheet and cash floor for the next year – 20 points

The response to the questions exhibits strong critical thinking and appropriate analysis; Utilize all the assumptions presented in the case for the forecast – 17 points


Sentences are clear, concise, and direct; tone is appropriate; Grammatical skills are strong with no errors on pages – 8 points

Total points: 45