Align Educational Activities to Strategic Plans 1

Respond to your colleagues on by evaluating their action plans against the applicable strategic goal of their organization. Make suggestions to strengthen their contributions to their organization and why this might be important.

I have been working in the community since 2011 and a large home health agency since 2017 and I have never been prouder to be part of an organization. I work for the Visiting Nurse Association Care Network and Hospice. It is the largest VNA in new England and services over 20,000 patients currently. The mission is to “provide the right care with kindness and compassion every day for every person we serve” (VNA Care, 2021). The vision describes elevating healthcare to improve patient and family quality of life (VNA Care, 2021). The heart of the VNA Care is to treat patients safely in their homes while providing excellences in nursing care.

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Creating a strategic plan is based on the overall culture of the healthcare establishment that is in line with the basic core values (Harper, 2018). The strategic plan of VNA Care Network is to increase patients access to many different aspects of healthcare that can be provided by the agency such as post-surgical care, new diagnosis teaching, medication management, infusion therapy, advanced wound healing, physical and occupational therapy, dietary, and hospice (VNA Care, 2021).

Strategic Plan for the NPD Practitioner

            The nurse professional development (NPD) practitioner has a key role in the development and fulfillment of the strategic plan of the healthcare agency. The NPD practitioner will work to develop policy and procedure that matches the core values and mission of the establishment the guides the strategic plan (Harper, 2018). This can be done by creating specific objectives that that are inspired by the desired learning outcome that promotes the values and mission of the establishment.  For NPD practice for strategic planning, the NPD will identify the practice gap, develop clinical skills, and implement practice change to advance and improve the organization (Dickerson, 2017).

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Meeting the Goal

            For meeting the strategic planning goal, the NPD role dynamic and imperative to the success of the healthcare organization. The NPD will follow a process of understanding the vision, making objectives, developing learning activities, then identifying a timeline for the wanted goal (Dickerson, 2017). The NPD will also need to evaluate the steps and outcomes for strategic goal alignment plans by examining every aspect of the process. The NPD will delegate to leadership and education staff, manage resources for implementing learning activities, over-see the overall project, while maintaining a healthy learning environment. The most important part of strategic planning is the innovated influence of the NPD practitioner that advances the organization that fosters clinical excellence.


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Harper, M. G. (2018). Strategic management. In D. L. Huber (ed.), Leadership and nursing                     care management (6th ed., pp. 216-224). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier, Inc.

Visiting Nurse Association Care Network and Hospice. (2021). The Mission and vision.

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