With the sharp rise in lifestyle diseases, there has been an intensified worldwide campaign towards the consumption of organic foods.

Why You Should Take Milk Regularly
With the sharp rise in lifestyle diseases, there has been an intensified worldwide campaign towards the consumption of organic foods. Milk is one natural food that is highly recommended for its pure organic nature. As a health-conscious person, therefore, I have taken it upon myself and made a habit of taking dairy products on a daily basis. Milk is one of the beverages I consume with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. According to Ware Megan, you should drink “Fat-free or low-fat dairy, including milk, yogurt, cheese, and fortified soy beverages,” because it is healthy and contains a high range of nutrients. There are a range of benefits why you should take milk and its products regularly;
Healthy Bones
As a basic food for kids, milk helps to nurture the bone health hence enhancing proper growth. But even for adult, drinking milk helps in keeping the bone strong, thereby preventing osteoporosis, a medical condition in which the bones become fragile due to deficiency in calcium and vitamin D. Ware Megan assets that “milk is good for the bones because it offers a rich source of calcium, a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth.” This is the reason you need to continue taking the cow’s milk because it is rich in vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium by your body hence the prevention of tooth cavities and decay.
Body Complexion
Having a fantastic body complexion is the dream of many people across the sexes, if not all. As Eguez posits, “Milk provides the most natural way of keeping your complexion tender and glowing,” courtesy of the nutrients essential for maintaining the skin health. For instance, the lactic acid in milk aids in removing dead skin cells thereby leaving your skin rejuvenating and fresh. You want your complexion to keep glowing? Do you want to be like Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile? Take at least two glasses of milk in a day and wait for the wonders.
Heart Health Improvement
Milk is very healthy for the heart. This comes because of the potassium nutrient in the milk that enhances vasolidation and reducing blood pressure. OrganicFacts reports that “the magnesium and potassium content in it act as vasodilators, which reduces blood pressure, increases blood flow to vital organs, and reduces the stress on the heart and cardiovascular system.” Isn’t this the most natural way of keeping the heart diseases away? Grab your glass of milk in addition to some physical exercise and keep your heart healthy!
Acidity Reduction
Drinking cold milk is helpful to a greater extent in reducing heart burns. As Eguez Sebastian suggests, “the cooling sensation and the thick consistency of milk helps to coat the esophagus and stomach lining to prevent heartburn.” This indeed is a natural remedy to the acidity levels that are increased by certain foods we consume. One more reason to drink milk? Certainly.

Stress Reduction
Everyone does have stress at some point in their life. Milk can, however, relieve you of stress. Being rich in vitamin D, drinking milk helps to produce hormone serotonin, which eases mood, brings appetite and sleep. This is achieved by relieving the muscle tension and soothing your nerves. After having a long and stressful day, reducing the muscle tension is the reason you should drink a glass of milk.
Cancer Prevention
Cancer is one of the lifestyle diseases that have currently taken the world by a storm. Studies show that colorectal cancer is fatal in geographic areas which receive little amount of sunlight. Milk being fortified with Vitamin D, however, stands as a substitute for sunlight thereby offering this much-needed protection. Ware Megan reports of The National Cancer Institute stating that “Research results show overall support a relationship between higher intakes of calcium and reduced risks of colorectal cancer.” Other studies by the NCI also suggest that consumption of dairy products help prevent cancer of the colon as well as cancer of the ovary. As a precautionary measure, therefore, one should ensure regular consumption of dairy products to provide the body with sufficient Vitamin D and calcium that would fight to prevent or prolong the life of a cancer patient.
Muscle Building
Milk is rich in proteins that are essential for muscle growth. A healthy muscle is vital for the support of the body metabolism and managing weight. Ware Megan states that “Sufficient dietary protein is needed to preserve or increase lean muscle mass.” Being rich in protein, therefore, dairy protein efficiently supports muscle growth and repair. It is for this reason that many athletes drink a lot of milk after workouts. Similarly, milk will replenish your body fluids after physical activity and help your muscles grow.
Given the benefits of drinking milk, and now that you are aware of which you did not, there is nothing more you are waiting for. Take the chance to improve the quality of your life in the most yummy and naturally ever. A glass of yogurt, milk or any other dairy product will do. Happy life!

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