There has been an increase in the cases of unemployment in the work. Many countries have reported higher percentages of the unemployed professionals.

New product analysis
There has been an increase in the cases of unemployment in the work. Many countries have reported higher percentages of the unemployed professionals. The most affected in these countries are the youth who form the new graduates. The problem has been attributed to the poor coordination between the job market and the universities. An interview done on the affected graduates indicate that most of them do not understand the mechanism available to enter the job market. Some finish school without knowing what they are required to work on in their career. Therefore, the there is poor transition from the school to the job market. In finding a solution to this condition, there has been a need to examine the process of transiting to the job market, a resolution to this condition is observed to be a new product to the market because it would be an opportunity with high demand. There is need to use the student’s classes to search for the applicable jobs to ease the burden of students applying for jobs after leaving school. The process of using the student’s classes promotes capacity considerations as a qualification for the particular job opportunities. The paper discusses the use of student’s classes to search for the applicable jobs as the new product analysis.
Role of the customers
Students are the major target in this business that should be viewed as the commodity to be traded. Students are the major area of focus by the industry because they are the ones to be connected to the job market. The customers have the role to ensure they sign for their classes and maintain competency and professionalism. The industry expected higher enrolment of the students into the higher education system with genuine grades that reflect their abilities and capabilities. It advisable for the students to join careers they have passion in by ensuring they perform the best in their academics but not depending on school promotions by the curriculum. The need to promote honesty by the students is to facilitate accountability and transparency in the selection of the students for their considerable jobs and future careers that are likely to be benefit the job market. The proficiency is expected to promote high transition rates from the universities to the job market. The idea is meant to enhance competency in the workforce through the acquisition of the work experiences before going for the real work.
The capacity of the students shall be measured by their possession of the necessary skills and competencies while performing their duties. Primarily, the students shall be classified according to their classes of attendance to select them into the rightful jobs. Students who are skilled in their careers will be given packs to motivate them to engage in more productive employment opportunities as a motivation to the sluggish ones. Therefore, the students have the role of finding their careers and joining the profession they have interests in.
The industry is Professional in nature that considers the application of the skills and competencies of the students. The major basis of the industry is the consideration of the professional skills of the students. The focus by the industry is to promote proper transitions of the students to the job market. The industry seeks to achieve competency and professionalism in the workers who are expected to join the job market. The objective of the industry is to provide competent workforce that meet the demands and qualifications of the market. The primary role is to resolve the problem of transition of the students to the job market.
The industry seeks to use technological services in the selection of the students and the application of scientific and technical services in the application of the jobs. The students’ data would view online to ease the selection process. The details of the students shall be updated after a while to promote the efficiency of the job application. The students will be required to confirm their details in the site to enhance correspondence with the managers of the jobs. The market shall be able to access the details of the students to make applications for the number and the skills they want from the course. The industry would have software that will be advertising the jobs to the students even while they study. The software would provide succession in the admonition and vetting of the students online to promote accuracy in the selection of the employment. It would also be a social network that would be a platform to share the issues pertaining the entry into the job.
New value curve
The industry seeks to remove the fees paid by the students as registration to join the job market through providing an automatic transition from the courses to the workplace. The site will help in the storage and retrieval of the student’s data to help the employers to understand the nature of the students and their respective careers that would be used in the selection into the job market.
The practice is geared towards the achievement of increased creativity among the students. It is evident that the presentation of the available jobs and qualification to the students before entering the market. The students will be motivated to engage in more productive performances that would raise their creativity. The level of creativity shall be used a basis for the competition among student in joining the market. Job listings would be done on the industry website according to the classes of the students. Those who are about to finish school would listed on the site to join the market; their details would be updated to suit the advertised jobs. The industry is focused on reduction of doubts and vague expectations among the learners who should understand what to do after the completion of their training.
There are many challenges in the market where students fails to transit to the market successfully to the job market. There is the problem of students attending blind classes. The reports on how students attend indicate that some students do not understand their personal interests and skills. The attendance to the wrong classes has created the problem of incompetency and unprofessionalism. These confusions have been created by the inability of the students to realize the requisites by their professions.
There are many unclear college paths at the learning institutions which become hindrance to the effective realization of the goals of the profession. The students are provided with clear information concerning their career life and the expectations they ought to make at the end of the course. The lack of information concerning the market which leads to the guessing by the roles they are expected to perform at their jobs. The confusion has led to the graduates not knowing what to do or seek. They end up doing things that are totally out of their field of study thus becoming unproductive on the job market.
The industry is objective in resolving the identified problem of the mismatch in the transition of the students to the job market. Firstly, the industry seeks to list the jobs based on the course of the students. Students would have access to the advertised job opportunities on the website on the social network that would make the transition easy. Additionally, the idea is determined to ensure matching of classes with available jobs. Listing shall be done based on the classes that are well organized. The system would ensure the efforts are made to recruit freshmen based on classes.
Value curve

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