How Black Mirror season 3 reflects the effects of artificial intelligence on society by irony


How Black Mirror season 3 reflects the effects of artificial intelligence on society by irony
Artificial intelligence is defined as the intellectual ability of human reasoning and learning that has been applied in advanced computer processing to perform tasks with proficiency and efficiency of human (Greenberger 1). This technology has greatly increased the ability of human beings in society today. Artificial intelligence has become a fascinating concept of science fiction. It has allowed machines to handle very sophisticated and complex functions like solving climate change, performing dangerous jobs, and in cyborg technology. It is for this reason that the need to explore the relationship between society and artificial intelligence as one aspect of technology. The fuss emanating from explorations of artificial intelligence has been felt in spheres of education art, science fiction movies, and television shows. Such elaborate depiction is evident in season 3 of “Black Mirror.” The series presents artificial intelligence like an updated version of the real-life technology. Based on Black Mirror 3, this project researches on the how artificial intelligence affects the life of human beings through exploring the relationship between society and technology. Through a depiction of a society full of technology in Black Mirror 3, the research shall compare the positive and negative effects of artificial intelligence on people’s lives
Black Mirror 3
In Black Mirror season 3, the show tackles possible consequences of getting hacked. It introduces us to a character Kenny whose computer has a virus. Kenny downloads an anti-virus program to eliminate the virus, but fails to consider the consequences this random program. While it’s downloading, Kenny watches internet porn and subsequently masturbates. Surprisingly, Kenny receives an alarming message saying “WE SAW WHAT YOU DID”. With the message is an attached video. He receives another email that requests for his phone number. It warns him that if he fails to comply, the video will be leaked. Kenny rapidly complies and is subsequently ordered to keep his location services on.
Ways in which society depend on technology as shown in the TV series ‘Black Mirror.’
The episode presents an internet enthusiast character whose entire life has become controlled and enslaved through his interaction with the internet. It shows how humanity has been plagued into the dependency of the intelligence of machines technology. Through the life of Kenny, it is evident that society is dependent on internet technology without weighing the downsides of its social impact. Black Mirror 3 is about an exploration of how internet technology has influenced the life of Kenny darkly. He uses the internet usefully to masturbate but subsequently falls into the trap of masquerading hackers. The episode is a dystopia of the present social impact that modern technology has subjected humans to an insane reality. In its name, Black mirror reflects the empty screens we see in our computers when switched off. Perhaps a depiction of the underlying effects of technology.
The Relationship between society and artificial intelligence in Black Mirror.
Relationships of society and technology.
Advancement in Intelligence has led to the automation of functions and significantly changed many occupations (ADVANCES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 12). However, automation has brought with it the challenge of human interaction with artificial intelligent machines and computers. In a recent study carried out by Quartz, development of artificial intelligence has posed a significant anxiety among human being who constantly interact with artificially intelligent machines. The depiction of this relationship between society and technology is evident in Black Mirror’s dystopian works of science fiction. It presents the anxiety that internet technology has created in the day to day life of society. Society is now a subject of constant potential threat of unpredictable temptations of technological power. The risks presented in the Black Mirror foreshadow of how human reasoning is now substituted with what we are feed through the internet technology. The determinism of technological defines the relationship between technology and society. It asserts that the development of new technologies can change the orientation of society in various ways. Such theoretical framework presumes that a society’s technology drives social structure and cultural values. It explains the extreme relationship between technology and the society mutually influence social development. Black Mirror is a perfect illustration that examines the future of human life in the error of artificial intelligence. The show’s dystopian imagination makes it very elaborate that black Mirror’s style of the story is different from what most science fiction shows can offer. It becomes a bedrock on which the future of the relationship between human beings and technology can be evaluated.
The relationships between humans and artificial intelligence in Black Mirror may not be real. They create villains out of the relationship.
Black Mirror deals with how artificial intelligence supplants humanity. Artificial intelligence as applied in internet hacking has affected how individuals relate in online communications. Kenny is subjected to the vulnerability of cyber-attacks during his interaction with the internet. Though Kenny seeks to use the internet in the right way to download an anti-virus program for his computer, he is threatened by the online cyber bullies who use him to perform crimes he could have never done. These actions raise the question of where human intelligence goes at such a time.
Black Mirror presents an unsettling reality of what can happen in our modern society. The satire in the episode is close to the truth. Black Mirror 3 is painfully close to what most of our teenage brothers and sisters can be subjected to. Though exaggerated to an extent, it shadows our view of the world via tiny screens. The unfolding events are not far-fetched but can be a satirized warning of what technology can do to us. , but what we do with technology and how we continued. Black Mirror is a whole a series of futuristic sci-fi alternating with to social satire.
Effects of artificial intelligence on people’s daily life
Advancement in Science fiction has affected how human beings reason and analyze information (Esposito et al. 4). It makes fiction believable by closely aligning its theories with latest developments in science and technology. According to Black Mirror’s creator, Charlie Brooke, Black Mirrors of the cold and shiny screen of a television monitor and smartphone have subjected people to embed their personal life in relation to social media. This can be compared to how technology in the context of the modern social media platforms has affected how human being relate. Social platforms have become a major source of cyber bullying like the one evident in Black Mirror. Though technology enthusiasts share confidence that the technologies will deliver security to users, they often subject users to trouble. Human interaction on online platform is now cast in the doubt because the potential risks that are beyond their comprehension.
Black Mirror is a reflection of society’s subconscious fear brought about by technology. It is in fact a depiction of the psychology of human beings when under the influence of the tragic social-media that has obsessed society. Black mirror 3 envisions a world dependent on social media. Inj fact, social platforms have become a source of perversion for humans. In the real world, Like Kenny, many of us have been subjected to perverted sexual exposure on the internet. A study by the Institute of Mental health indicated that social media platforms are number cause of social immorality. Some research asserted the earlier research by stating that social platform on the internet are directly linked to an increase in immoral sexual practices such as masturbation and homosexuality
Black Mirror is compelling science fiction that envisions the contribution of technological advancement such as artificial intelligence to human culture and way of life. It informs a psychological principle known as hedonic treadmill which states that humans hunt for the things that will make them feel good even at the expense of their own lives. The instant gratification that temporarily boosts humans get from technological advances are abated eventually. In other words, social media does not add value to those seeking long-term happiness. The show denies human the aspect of intelligence and replaces human intelligence with vulnerability to what the internet has wired humans to believe is good for instant gratification. It denies humans the consciousness in exchange for virtualized reasoning that is controlled in a different platform.
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