Essay: You will write a rhetorical analysis of your own work that analyzes the rhetorical choices you made.

Essay: You will write a rhetorical analysis of your own work that analyzes the rhetorical choices you made. The essay should build on your work in the RA essay and indicate how you’re applying your rhetorical know-how. You’ll include secondary sources that demonstrate, among other things, your understanding of your chosen genre and your understanding of the texts/ideas you’ve studied throughout the quarter.
Things need to analyze in the essay:
Message and Purpose: First, what’s your message going to be? What do you want to portray about either your class text or class theme? Think about this specifically and complexly—what are the new insights you can bring to the table? What are arguments that you can make?
Audience: Once you decide your message, whom do you want to target? Why? And what are going to be the expectations of this audience? What might be difficult in addressing them? Think specifically about who they are and what their expectations will be. How will that affect your appeals to them?
Context: What’s the historical and cultural context of this movie review? Is this taking place right now? Where and when? How does that influence the project?
Project Genre: movie review

Rhetor: What is the ethos or credibility of the rhetor (look him/her up)? Is that
ethos apparent in the piece itself? What is the reputation and ethos of the place of
publication (look it up, too)? Ethos pathos logos.

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Audience: Describe the audience for the venue in which the piece was
published. Consider age range, gender, economic status, values, interests,
education level, etc. Then consider a likely audience for the specific piece itself,
using the same list of characteristics.

Conventions: Describe at least four conventions that define this genre. Consider
typical content, motifs, use of sources/evidence, length, etc.

Style: Describe the style of the language used. Consider sentence length,
language (technical, jargon, slang), tone, visual elements (color, photos, layout),
and tone.

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Audience expectations: What would an audience expect from this piece?

These are questions in the discussion, you don’t need to answer all of them, but answer the meaningful ones for the movie review and write in the analysis essay
1. What is your message?
2. Why is this your message?
3. What engages you about this topic?
4. What engages your audience about this topic?
5. Why does this matter?
6. What are you new ideas (insights) in terms of this message? How are you
thinking about this differently than others?
7. Is your message arguable? Complex?
8. What is your purpose? Why?
9. How do you think you’ll persuade your audience of that purpose?

1. What are the demographics of your audience?
2. What are the activities of your audience?
3. What are the interests of your audience?
4. What are the opinions of your audience?
5. What might make your audience adversarial?
6. What are the means of persuasion that you might use to convince your audience
of your particular message?
7. What samples and research did you use for your answers? Put your works cited
8. Add an annotation of two sources in your works cited above. Pick two you think
might actually use in your RIP Essay.

Social and Historical Context
1. What is happening socially in the context of your RIP project?
2. What is happening historically in the context of your RIP project?
3. What does your audience need to know about the environment that you’re
writing about?
4. How does the context affect your message and purpose?
5. How does the context affect your genre?
6. How does context affect your methods of persuasion?

The project is the MOVIE REVIEW of interview with the vampire I uploaded.
Please make sure you are NOT analyzing the movie!

My understand: My work is the movie review, assume it is published on an American website like the Atlantic, then the essay need to analyze what is the audience of the movie review: their age range, gender, economic status, values, interests, education level, etc. And also, the message/purpose/social context

In conclusion, analyze these terms below as specific as possible:

Audience, Ethos pathos logos, Message, Social and Historical Context, Convention and style

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