As Saul considers his role in the game of hockey, he comes up with something for himself. What does he decide to and why?

Chapters 47-56


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1.       At the beginning of chapter 47, Saul speaks of what being an alcoholic is like. What does his description remind you of from earlier in the book when Saul was at St. Jerome’? Do you think he feels imprisoned this way?



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2.       When Shabogeesick reappear before Saul, he shows Saul something for many years before. Why does Saul need to see his vision before he can go on his Journey of healing himself?



3.       As Saul looks at the rink, which has now been reclaimed by nature, he begins to remember some of his life at St. Jerome’s. In specific, he, he remembers his relationship with Father Leboutillier. How has Saul been able to live for so many years without fully realizing what happened to him?



4.       Saul returns to God’s lake and is visited by his family. Why is returning to this area so important for him to move forward with his life?




5.       As Saul continues to reflect on his relationship with Father Leboutillier, he says that hockey was responsible for his emotional and mental survival. Earlier, Saul’s ability to play hockey was seen as a privilege, however, things can be seen differently now. At what cost was Saul able to play hockey at St. Jerome’s?



6.       As Saul considers his role in the game of hockey, he comes up with something for himself. What does he decide to and why?



7.        When Virgil hears all about Saul’s experience, he says he’d wish for: “Five minutes alone in a room with each of them”. Do you think Virgil’s way of handling the pain is better or worse than Saul’s plan? Which plan would you choose?



8.       Near the end of the book, Saul laughs for the first time in a long time. What makes his laugh this way and why is it important for him to have this emotion?



9.       The book has come to an end and Saul’s Journey seems mostly complete. Looking back at the book, take some time to reflect on the part o the book you liked the most and the part you liked the least. Please write one paragraph for each of them.

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