A technical designer industry dealing in fashion was reported to be laying off workers who reached a maximum age of 55.

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Date: 09/14/2018
A technical designer industry dealing in fashion was reported to be laying off workers who reached a maximum age of 55. It was reported that there reason for doing so was because the company thought that the old were not conversant with the use of computer and modern related technologies. When one of the victims, a 58 year old woman who has worked with the company for over 26 years, was asked about the comments by the company management she said ‘’the company insists that most of us over 50 ought to understand the necessity of keeping up with the latest trends, technology, among other issues”. Another man who is currently 61 also commented that the company refused to receive his application details saying “you’re too old, and because of that we’re not hiring you.”
Relation to class material:
The incidence reminds me of two incidence that were discussed in class which are ageism and capitalism. The discrimination in age is still alive and well in most parts of the world. This problem is greatly affecting the group of individuals who had earlier retired and are considering re-entering the workforce. It is evident that ageism has since reared its ugly head in interview panels and even extended to the recruiting conversations amongst 40- 60 years. The society has stereotyped the aging with retirement and being the beneficiaries of retirement benefits contrary to be at work to some income.
Insight Gained from Incident:
It also reminded the relationship that exist between ageism and capitalism, specifically the assumption that aged people cannot constitute part of the workforce because they are not conversant with the computer and other related technology issues. I find this quite unfair because this generation are the first to use the initial version of Window and can continually update their skills that will ensure they are keeping up with multiple versions and new technological trends that were to follow.

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