This assignment counts for 100% of Module Mark/Credit value of the module marks Online submission arrangement via Moodle: PDF or doc. For accompanying reflective statements and supporting evidence

The Transnational Condition

Assignment RE_SIT Brief

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Transnational Project and Event

Group assignment –
Individually marked
Word Count:
Word document (doc/docx/pdf) that entails the below deliverables- each submission element within its word limit plus project enhancement proposal)

Link to web-portal site for the project (link must work)

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Mark and Feedback method: written via Gradebook and
verbal feedback at event and/or audio feedback that can be accessed via Moodle


In-semester research engagement culminated in a
• (semi-) public event hosted by the group, based upon
• Multi-medial research outcomes/projects.
• You are tasked to review the event and draft, IN ADDITION to the below, a formal proposal of no less than 500 words that identifies new elements you’d add (or change) to improve the event as it occurred and tie it to module issues tightly;

If there is anything that you do not understand about this assignment brief once you have read it fully, or you have any concerns about it, please contact the Module Leader immediately. Their name and contact details are at the top of this brief.

Additional Information
• Reflection on prior research
o Update your research diaries to discuss what you have learned in connection to concept from event and its group engagment

• Review your group’s Multi-medial research outcomes: discuss in reflection how well you think this responded to the class content
o Location-Based Media Experience
o Website
o Videos

• Contribution Reflection
o 250 words – bullet points okay – identifying your role and ACTIVE contributions
o 250 words self-assessment

• Impact Analysis
o 1000 words reflecting on event, its potential impact, and its relationship with the course
Details for each submission component will be discussed in class and made available via moodle. Suggested component deadlines to ensure successful completion are advised on your syllabus.

Module Learning Outcomes

Assessed in this assignment?
LO1: demonstrate knowledge that reflects holistic thinking, by being able to understand feeling as both individual, personal experiences and wider body politics, shaped by current political, economic, and geographic concerns that happen in the moment, and the concurrent societal structures that shape the way these moments play out; Y
LO2 understand complex bodies of thought that inform current theoretical concepts of subjectivity and be able to apply these in complex and agile ways across a range of case studies to produce new theory; Y
LO3 demonstrate a cognitive empathy with others, and be able to understand this empathy and interrelatedness as central to the formation of their own subjectivities in an international context Y
LO4 the ability to manage group work and the presentation of oneself in a professional context Y
LO5 be creative in their practical skills, and able to capture meaning that moves knowledge beyond traditional academic values, by producing work that has multiple layers e.g. visceral, embodied, auditory, sensorial, affective and tactile, alongside its academic worth Y
You will find full details of how these Learning Outcomes will be assessed by this assignment in the marking rubric at the end of this brief. You should read this as it explains how submitted work achieves certain grades. It will be useful in preparing your assignment as well as in understanding your feedback.

Marking Process and Feedback
Your work will be assessed by the module leader, and then moderated by a colleague who will have attended the event as well as engaged with your project elements. The moderation process ensures that marking has been both fair and consistent.
the section in the Faculty Student Handbook, available on your course’s Moodle space.

Assessment Criteria
There are standard University Assessment criteria that you can use to assist with understanding the mark you receive for this assignment.

The criteria that are specific to this assignment are as follows:
Marking Rubric


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