The issue of guns attracts a lot of attention. It is not new among the American people.

The issue of guns attracts a lot of attention. It is not new among the American people. It is widely argued all over the media and in public places. Everyone has something to say on this topic because seemly there is a relationship between crime and guns. Crystal clear, guns are very powerful weapons. They can be used to protect life however; they can be a threat to life when they fall on the wrong hands. In this light this essay is going shade light on this controversial topic by discussing why the government policies should choose to regulate guns other than ban them.
Banning guns is all together a bad idea, others argue that it away of protecting the citizens but research show that otherwise. There several examples where this law has statically proved to be ineffective. For instance in 1976, Washington D.C placed a ban on handgun where only police office were allowed to carry them. Unfortunately, during this period the murder rates of Washington D.C were 73% higher than after 2008 when the ban was lifted (Agresti and Smith, 2010). Even though it can be argued that the raise might have been caused by other factors (like reduced unemployment) other than the gun ban, statistically during the very period when Washington D.C experienced the 73% murder increase, the United States experienced 11% decrease in murder (Agresti and Smith, 2010). In addition, in 1982, Chicago passed a law banning ownership of handguns by citizens prior to the ban. Statistics show that between 1965 and1981, it was recorded that murder committed by handguns ranged between 40% and 55%. On the other hand, when the ban was in place, handgun murders was consistently 70% or higher. Chicago reversed the law in 2010. (Peterson, 2010). Principally, the law only banned handguns but was unable to protect the people in any way.
Ban on guns denies citizens a right to protect themselves when they are called for. The law makes it difficult for responsible citizens to own a gun while on other hand criminals easily access this powerful weapon from the black market ( Stossel 2008). While it might look extreme to state that a ban on gun is a law against self-defense the fact remains that gun ban leaves citizen with minimum options of self-defence hence, making them vulnerable to criminals.
Lastly, although how well gun ban intended is, it does not deal with crime and violence (which is the primary reason for the ban). The problem is not the gun but rather the owner of the gun. Guns can be used for different reasons, for example, a survey of 300million gun owner in the US in 2010 demonstrated that 67% of the corresponds used a gun for self-defense, 66% for hunting and 41% for target shooting. (Agresti & Smith, 2010). Studies show different uses of the guns and owners decides what to use their guns for. Therefore the laws should target the owners rather than the guns.
I admit to the facts that something needs to be done in relation to violence involving guns, but laying a ban on them is going too extreme. The government should ensure this powerful weapon is in the right and owners are held accountable for their gun use.

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