The International Air Transport Association is the trade association that is allowing airlines to utilize a new booking method.

Airline Pricing

The International Air Transport Association is the trade association that is allowing airlines to utilize a new booking method. In October of 2012, this trade organization agreed and voted to allow travel agents, airlines, and third-party booking sites like Kayak and Expedia to ask for personal information that included frequent flyer numbers, name and contact information. This would later be used to show tailored search results and pricing. This move would allow the airlines to offer specialized deals like special packages for frequent flyers.
This new pricing strategy is one which uses the flyer’s personal information regarding how they take their flights and for what purpose is their flight. It works in a way that for instance when a certain user has made frequent flights with an airline, they are awarded discounts on airfare. They would also receive seat upgrades. On the other hand, is another individual who is not a frequent flyer with the given airline, they will not receive any discounts, and the prices between the two individuals will be evidently huge. This pricing strategy was once implemented by Delta airlines and at one time, two customers were booking for the same flight and they were surprised to find significantly different fares just because one of them was logged into his frequent flyer account and the other one was a new customer for the airline.
In my view, this new booking strategy is a good marketing strategy for airlines and must be implemented immediately. Not only will it benefit the airlines in getting them customers but it will also assist many individuals who are fond of traveling by air to receive nice price discounts and seat upgrades every time they travel with their favorite airline. This new model of pricing and booking is not discriminatory in any way since it is just rewarding the common customers just like how other businesses like supermarkets offer discounts to individuals who make high-value purchases.

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