Scientific methods have proved to be a helpful tool in day to day life whether in making complex decision or solving problems.

Applications of the Scientific Method
Scientific methods have proved to be a helpful tool in day to day life whether in making complex decision or solving problems. It provides a step by step methodology to be followed when carrying out the tasks. Scientific methods are usually applied by many people whether aware or unaware. The method is in two categories, descriptive method which uses visual observation and interviewing, and experimental method which uses numerical data and graphs.
In a problem to know the cause of reduction of sale of products due to increase in the selling price, it is advisable to observe the market trend and see what changes might have actually occur. Interviewing will also be another recommended tool, interviewing can be done by asking face to face the customers what their reactions are to the increased price for the products. This will enable one to identify what the problem is.
After getting the rough idea of what might have caused then demand change for the products, a need for more finding on ways which need taken in order to solve the problem arises. To do this, the existing knowledge of the causes needs to be put into account and more research done in order to come up with a more realistic reason. This leads to formation of hypothesis which in details point out the cause.
After all the observations and interviews have been contacted, the real cause is figured out and explained in detailed manner. This is now the hypothesis. From the observation and interview conducted, it is therefore that the customers always like cheap products and thus, the increase of product price has automatically lead to decrease in demand for the said products. It shows that the increase of the price of the products has caused the customers to go for more cheap substitutes for the products.
To embark on bringing back the customer to buy the company’s products, a more research needs to be carried out about the real behavior of the customer and the product itself. To do this, sources of information to be used are identified. All the sources are first identified then the more helpful sources are then selected and recorded for reference. This will act as guidance in the entire process and aimed at doing things consistently and professionally.
When the sources of information have been selected and studied, a procedure is planned on how to carry out the task. This planning will include the methods of carrying out the awareness to the customers regarding why and how the prices has gone up. It will include explaining to customers that the price of the product has gone up because its quality has been improved or even because its use can utilize a lot of usage.
Reaching this far in problem solving, it is now time to test if the research done will be fruitful. Testing will be done by going back to the market, and marketing on the same products with the same price and trying to convince the customers to buy. The reaction of the customers are then recorded, their views are listened to as well and recorded also. The hypothesis at this stage might seem to be fruitful and so implementation might kick off.
After testing, the results are then analyzed. The general reaction and the attitudes of the customers are analyzed. This is aimed at checking if the overall task has been successful or there is a need for amending. In this case, the hypothesis techniques are applied to see if some improvements can also be made for it to be more effective and persuasive and win back the customers willingness in buying the company’s product. Conclusions are then drawn from the overall analysis.
Findings are then reported to the top management to see and approve the proposal made. It if analyzed first by management and then see if it complies with the companies policies and other companies factors which include how economic it is and if it is achievable. After all this is made, budget is made so as to enable carrying out of the proposed tasks. It is then send back for further research to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.
Conduct of further research occurs if the hypothesis has failed or when the management are not satisfied and feels that there can be more improvement. This enables further analysis of more information sources with more articles resembling the problem at hand. This will enable the team to copy how the people faced with the similar problems before, in resolving the problems and overcoming those challenges.
In general, application of these methodologies and ways of doing things are because of scientific methods. It provides guidance in dealing with different types and natures of the problem faced in daily life and making decisions. In the problem above, the methodologies followed is due to scientific method. It helps also in testing if the method use is fruitful. I case not, it provides for other methods to be applied. It ranges for methodologies for simple problems to a more complex one. In conclusion, scientific methods of daily life have proved to be helpful.

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