How much does lifestyle contribute to obesity on a scale of

Demographic Questions
1. Age: ______________
2. Gender : M/F
3. Education: high school/collage/bachelor/masters/PhD
4. Income: High-social economic class/ middle social economic class/ low-social economic class
5. Current job: ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬______________
6. Religion: _______
7. Political Affiliation:______________
Types of Primary Questions
i. Have you seen someone suffering from obesity: Yes / No
ii. Have you ever suffered from obesity Yes / No
iii. Are some children overweight because they have big bones? Yes / No
iv. What in your view causes obesity in children__________________
v. Does obesity increase the risk of breathing problems? ______________
vi. What can you do to avoid obesity? ______________
vii. How much does lifestyle contribute to obesity on a scale of 1 -5
1 2 3 4 5
viii. Lack of awareness on obesity increases the risk of suffering from the disease (1 agree 2 strongly agree 3 disagree 4 strongly disagree 5 don’t know
ix. How often do you test for obesity ( Often, Regularly, Occasionally, Never )
x. Which age suffers most from obesity and why ___________________
xi. What can you do to save your child from obesity? ________________________
xii. What are the health effects of obesity in children? ______________________
Tabulation of Data
1. Close-ended Questions – Two respondents answer with yes in all the three questions
2. Open-ended Questions – two respondents indicated that genes contribute to 60% of obesity cases in children.
3. Scaled Questions – three respondents indicated that lifestyle contributes to obesity conditions
4. About a quarter of the population in a town have no awareness on the possible conditions that cause obesity. There are a higher number of obesity cases among the children living in town.

Verbally Citing Your Survey Results in Your Speech
Obesity awareness is key in helping finding resolutions to the problem. Many children suffering from obesity lead luxurious lifestyles. Many families feed children on foods full of fat and oils. The most affected gender is males especially aged between 4 -15 years. There is generally lack of obesity awareness among people in towns. Ignorance to balanced diet is the major contributor to obesity.
Genes have a higher contribution to the cases of obesity and thus parents must be keen in testing the condition to seek early medical attention. I encourage all families to insist on the importance of exercises in children and the elderly because these would help in reducing the cases of obesity. Additionally, obesity awareness is important to every family and the government must put mechanisms to facilitate the spread on knowledge on the causes of obesity and the cure. Education on the value of balanced diet must be made too practical in parents to facilitate the prevention of obesity.

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