“The greatest showman” is an American film oeuvre that is directed by Michael Gracey and was released in December 2017.

“The greatest showman” is an American film oeuvre that is directed by Michael Gracey and was released in December 2017. The film reveals the archaic notions surrounding the aspect of American exceptionalism and capitalism evident throughout the history of America. Notably, the greatest showman” follows the story of Tayler Barnum who created the famous Barunm & bailey circus in 1919. Though in real life Phineas Taylor Barnum was a politician, a writer, as well as a charlatan, the film’s director presents him as a man who lived only as an entertainer.
“The greatest showman” narrates Barnum’s success as a rag to riches narrative, which was driven by his kindness and human nature. However, the movie ignores the exploitative business practices used by Barnum to enrich himself at the expense of his employees and other vulnerable members of the society.
In a way, the film mythologizes the 19th century industrial revolution era, which led to the emergence of capitalism as the new world order. According to the discords of capitalism especially in the 19th century, it did not matter how one acquired wealth but rather what mattered was the amount of wealth that one possessed at any particular point. It is against such backdrop that the film overlooks Jack man’s ruthless and dishonest techniques of achieving his dreams and goals in life. In a way, as long as JackMan fulfils his dreams in life it does not matter whether his self-aggrandizing behaviors hurts any one along the way.
The actors in “the greatest showman are the pillars behind the success as well as the film’s warm reception by the audience. Jackman who acts as Taylor Barnum plays his character with commitment and immense focus on changing the world. Barnum is the protagonist and the most acclaimed actor in “the greatest showman.” Through his charisma, he is able to shape the character traits of the other actors. Barnum wants the world to see and understand his perspective in life. He manages to manipulate other characters such as Kaela settle and Sam Humphrey and convinces them to join his circus. His manipulative character concurs with the real story of Taylor Barnum and as a result, the protagonist’s enhances the aspect of verisimilitude in the film. Barnum’s performance in the film is outstanding and spectacular. Notably, the movie interweaves a real story in a seemingly comic way. Barnum fits his role as the protagonist in the film because of his charismatic and manipulative demeanor. on the other hand Lettie lutz, Ann wheeler and Charles Stratton spectacularly fit in their slots as numb , indecisive and overwhelmed characters.it is only by acting as dull and uninformed characters that Barnum can be able to convince them to join his circus and ultimately achieve the film’s thematic concern of capitalism. The strongest scene in the movie is the song “this is me.” The song is sang by Kaela Settle a character who represents the venerable class in that is oppressed by the capitalists. Settle sings about the pride, the worth, the potential, and the autonomy of the downtrodden in the society. In a way, the song empowers the vulnerable in the society by inspiring them that the future is bright. The film can be improved by including actors from diverse cultural backgrounds so that it can be appealing a significantly larger audience.

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