Technology can be defined differently; it can be a skills or collections of techniques processes or methods they can be embedded in machines or devices to give out the desired functions.

Essays about evolution of technology in factories whether it has helped or not

Introduction of evolution of technology in factories
Technology can be defined differently; it can be a skills or collections of techniques processes or methods they can be embedded in machines or devices to give out the desired functions.
The evolution of technology has played a critical role in entrenching new ideas in the industrialization sector allover the world .It has provided new innovations that has helped in great deal in mass production of goods and efficient delivery of services, was it not for the evolution of technology it would have been impossible for these mass production of good.
The following sectors are examples that show how evolution of technology has helped in improvement in service delivery and goods processing in industries/factories.
The recruitment industry which is the most crucial industry has been made more profitable and efficient due to massive innovative ideas that have been put in place. For instance more advertisements are put on internet through Google or other platform that reach millions of the uses making it easier to reach the intended audience. Was it not for this innovation it would have been difficult to reach the audience hence making less or no profits. Also the innovation of computers and Microsoft application has helped this industry making it easier to manage its operations; statistics has also indicated that the adoption and use of cloud technology almost greater percentage or half of the businesses have increased its efficiency and accuracy in handling crucial day to day compliances and administration work.
The creative industry that once was dominated with a pen and a piece of paper and print media have changed greatly. People don’t need much of those items of late; most has changed the production methods have changed. There is the introduction of smart phones and televisions; for instance the print media much has changed because most of the information is web based. Although we need the print media but web based information is more reliable. Also the methods of production has been software oriented with the photographers editing their work digitally and delivering their work on online platforms this is opposed to previously where innovation had not been realized.
Also in the music sector i.e. the Djs they use various applications to loop digital waveforms to enhance the clarity of their music and give out desired audio.
The other industry where evolution of innovation of technology that has boosted the mankind’s everyday life is the nuclear industry. For instance nuclear medicine which uses radiation allows doctors to make quick and informed accurate diagnosing of various diseases .The use of various methods of treatment such as radiotherapy can be used to treat chronic conditions such as cancer. The use of these radiations can be useful in weakening or destroying some cells that are responsible for cancer in patients this kind of technology has helped in treating a number of patients allover the world.
Other area where nuclear technology is useful is the space mission. These technology has helped a number of scientists to make advances in discoveries all these is made possible by the use of radioisotope thermal generators. Also in the energy sector it has helped in the generation of electricity through nuclear power plants.
In the food processing industries the evolution of technology has not only seen the improvement of quality and quantity but also increased its test. The ancient methods of preserving and treating food such as salting and drying helped in improving flavor and preserving its freshness no longer dependable. This is as a result of innovation of improved techniques for processing food these techniques includes extrusion that provides new shapes and textures. These techniques entail compressing food into semi solid mass. These methods have given rise into products of different shapes and textures. This process involves an extruder that is connected to a power supply to operate the man screw. This method has been used to produce new and innovative food products that many see as future food production. The process gives out special dietary that is used in various disaster and famine recovery and also used in preparations of camping and military fields.
The dairy industry has also been affected by the evolution in technology these is through the automation technologies that has helped in the way of how we produce the milk. This technology has improved milk quality and helped on how people manage their cows. The method helps farmers to monitor and administer treatment to sick cows although this process has its challenges for example these technology needs an economical investment, also there is a challenge of interpreting the data obtained since it involves a learning curve. Though in order to achieve greater profitability and goo d quality farmers should practice this method since it keeps records on how one manages the dairy.
The purpose of this article is to look for the positive effects of evolution of technology. Although there are bad effect of technology but the positive effects outshine the side effects. I have given numerous instances where nuclear technology has helped much the cancer patients through the use of radiotheraphy.The argument is that whether evolution of technology has helped factories or not. One should consider carefully

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