Program that has been effective in aiding victims of crime, reduces crime, or strengthens neighborhoods;

Center for court innovation

Program that has been effective in aiding victims of crime, reduces crime, or strengthens neighborhoods;
Civil alternatives
This option was offered by the New Yorkers to perform community services rather than paying fines. This would be effective to the affected parties since it’s affordable to those who cannot afford to raise amount for penalties in form of fines. It’s effective also since the psychological view would not allow them to redo the same crime as its public punishment.

Most promising programs
1. Brooklyn Mental Health Court
This program offers community based treatment such that those in torture and ill can be able to be taken care of healthy wise and appear in defense at sustainable health state. This improves the determination in the court.
2. Brooklyn Young Adult Court
This was created as the meaningful options to conventional prosecution for young people charged with a penalty of more than one year. This helped to create good rapport with the offenders to avoid repeat of the same crimes and fair to justice that resulted to a long term solutions and corrections of the crimes committed.
3. Brownsville Community Justice Center
This works effectively to reduce crime rate and strengthens the community’s trust for the justice system. The system confidence helps the community resolve their matters in assured ruling rather than other unsupported methods of delivery.

4. Domestic Violence Court
The creation of this specialized domestic courts was to improve court proceedings to inmates and partner violence. It’s a program initiated for wellbeing of the community home affairs in the correct way.
5. Harlem Justice Corps
This career life development was created with an aim of improving justices that affects young people, particularly men and women, to resolve matters according to their level of life affection at the anticipated time of justice.
6. Parent Support Program
This programs specifically works with non-custodial parents in order to aid them get jobs, increase the support of children income and form of interaction with their kids to strengthen their livelihood and combat anticipated challenges effectively.

7. Westchester Court Education Initiative
This initiative program of the educational stability and general achievement of the involved students in the Westchester Family Court is a future plan that shall help more young people to realize their potential in life.
The effects of these programs in the other parts of the criminal justice system, the police, corrections, or juvenile justice, based on government budget priorities;
It’s been found that the objected programs that have been initiated and those trired, on practice, they have able to yielded the results positively and need to be given more energy for systems to fit the society justice.
There’s improving of justice for adolescents in the Criminal Justice System too that has been created under specialized court programs to enable fair ruling and justice confidence.

Paik, L. (2003). Surveying communities. Washington, DC: U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

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