Patient 1: 35-year-old man with a history of anxiety,chronic marijuana use, and chronic back pain. No current medications or other history, but he has been consistently complaining of back pain since joining the Thursday night league volleyball team. Single, lives alone, and works at a fast food restaurant. Heterosexual and consistent use of protection (barrier). Offer three differential diagnoses for what might be troubling your patient. Provide rationale with citations for each of your differential diagnoses. What would be your first course of action for your patient? What safety issues, if any, did you recognize for your patient? Summarize the scenario and what you chose as your final diagnosis for your patient and why. Make sure that you address psychosocial issues/concerns/contributors, along with content related to substance abuse, should this be appropriate. This assignment should take no more than 1–2 pages, not including your title and reference pages.

Patient Troubles Diagnosis
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Patient Troubles Diagnosis
The first diagnosis should be cancer since it is associated with substance use and dietary contributors, to mention but a few. The patient stays alone, meaning balanced diet meals could be hard on a daily basis coupled with chronic marijuana consumption. Secondly, the patient could be suffering from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Arguably, HIV is transmitted through sexual intercourses, and this patient is a substance user and heterosexuality frequenter, mostly protection can easily be forgotten. Moreover, HIV is associated with joint pains, and the back accommodates multiple of them around the spinal cord. Finally, the patient could have fibromyalgia, a disorder associated with widespread pains and anxiety, induced by the crucial substance P found in the spinal fluid and brain used for communicating incidences of torture. It is a disorder characterized to emanate from women, thus unprotected sex increases the chances of acquisition, and people in high spirits induced by substance use can frequently forget protected sex.
Fibromyalgia, cancer, and HIV are associated with severe pains, and most contributing factors can be recognized in the patient’s current lifestyle. Subramaniam et al. (2019) argue that researchers acknowledge marijuana use as a contributor to these disorders due to the narrative that it reduces pain but, in reality, worsens the situation. On the other hand, marijuana addiction causes anxiety, and these diseases are associated with its usage and persistent severe pains. In that regard, it is wise to rationalize that the patient is suffering from the above illnesses. Therefore, the first course of action is enquiring about what types and frequency of meals the patient takes. Secondly, seek to ascertain the reason behind the chronic marijuana utilization by the patient. Finally, acquire blood samples for more scrutiny in the laboratory while advising the patient to decrease marijuana consumption as we wait for the results.
The safety issues recognized with the patient is the loneliness lifestyle that can induce stress and mediocre dietary meals. Moreover, while high due to substance abuse, it is more likely to exercise unprotected sex, which further widens the challenges. Finally, the excessive consumption of Marijuana that entertains more harm than good health-wise poses a threat. In that regard, the final diagnosis choice to the patient seems to be fibromyalgia syndrome. Chin, Caldwell & Gritsenko (2016) state this condition is associated with severe pains and anxiety that is accelerated by sexual relations. Arguably, most people often avoid going to doctors to discuss their sexual practices, which worsens the situation since the disease is women related. In that regard, the patient’s symptoms and lifestyle show a definite correlation with the disorder.
Precisely, patients experience stigma and psychological trauma, especially men, because they are expected by society to be tough and not give in to pains and aches. In that regard, these aspects contribute a lot to its prevalence in pursuit of being a man. Researchers are on the run to provide evidence that multiple illicit drugs, Marijuana not exempted, can cure pains induced by diseases coupled with psychological and somatic symptoms (Walitt et al. 2016). In that regard, individuals practice substance abuse based on this perception. However, marijuana consumption poses a threat of concern to health problems coupled with long-term mental and physical consequences (Bechtold et al. 2015). These consequences contribute immensely to social issues since it induces fear and interrelation insecurity. Moreover, substance abuse invites addiction that spells doom to the society regarding economic growth because the aspect causes fatigue, which does not allow time for productive work. People influenced by substances do not think straight, thus easily lack morals and ethics that can increase illegal and inhuman practices. Therefore, substance utilization carries along multiplied adverse psychosocial issues that raise a concern and can contribute to health care challenges.
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