One of the roles of nurses in the healthcare society is to ensure that the community has better healthcare services.

Cultural Considerations in Mental Health Nursing
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Cultural Considerations in Mental Health Nursing
One of the roles of nurses in the healthcare society is to ensure that the community has better healthcare services. In this case, mental health is a serious issue that needs proper attention from both nurses and any other healthcare professionals. It is important to understand how to handle mental illness considering that other factors might affect its outcome. For example, cultural considerations should be taken into account when assessing mental illness. It is necessary to evaluate the cultural aspect of a client before subjecting them to any intervention. As this work will show, nurses should understand the procedures of handling mental illnesses as a way of enhancing the best outcomes. Having the best patient outcomes will determine the success of nursing activities as well as the organization that is involved.
Assessment of the mental Illness case
To assess the client, the nurse had to consider various factors. For example, the nurse had to check the religious schedule of the client. This would ensure that the client’s schedule does not collide with that of the appointment. It was also important to evaluate the necessary dietary requirements. Some foods have been proven to help individuals develop their mental and cognitive aspects. It was also necessary to seek help from the spokesman of the family. This would be necessary for the provision of the necessary information about the client the environment in which they live and the people with whom they interact. The spokesperson of the family was the Elder brother to the client. He had all the information that we needed concerning the client and any other factors that will affect his mental wellness.
Diagnosis of the Client
There is a wide range of diagnostic methods that can be used in the case of mental illness. For this client, the first important step was to assess his physical wellbeing. This would help in determining whether there was any connection between the physical condition of the client and mental illness. The next step for the diagnosis was to subject the client to certain cognitive tests, which will determine the level of mental ability of the client. Another important aspect of the diagnosis was to check for possible symptoms. Some of the symptoms include poor eating habits, insomnia, fatigue, and the subjection of oneself into substance and drug abuse. From the diagnosis, it was clear that the client was suffering from a serious mental illness. The healthcare professionals handling the client had to narrow down the assessment and diagnosis to determine the specific illness that was affecting the client. The nurses also check for the possibilities of certain cultural activities that would have led to any emotional issues.
Cultural Planning
One of the ways in which the nurses enhanced the cultural and emotional safety of the client was by proper communication. The nurses ensured that they could communicate with a client for the sake of informational exchange. This further allowed them to understand other important issues related to the mental wellness of the client. It was also important that the nurses reflected upon their religion and other cultural beliefs. This allowed nurses to show the client that people come from different cultures (Tirupati & Ramachandran, 2019). Moreover, it allows nurses to exchange cultural ideas with a client. At one point, the client could accept that some of the aspects of the two cultures were related. This activity is also important because they developed the element of trust between the client and the specialists handling him.
It was evident that several cultural aspects affected the ability of the client to accept certain interventions. For example, according to the client’s religion, mental illness was an issue that was regarded as a curse. Therefore, the client is not ready to accept that he had a mental illness. However, after the assessment and diagnosis, the nurses informed the client about the possible risk factors for mental illness. Besides, the nurses informed the client about the possible medications and other interventions that could help him improve his mental wellness. Another important intervention was to accept cultural solutions to mental illness as proposed by the client (Bensonn, Thistlethwaite & Moore, 2018). This meant that the nurses had to consider some of the proposed solutions from the client’s culture. For example, the client’s spokesman believed that simple therapies could help in managing mental illnesses.
To determine whether the implementation of the interventions was effective, the nurses had people with certain symptoms that were observed during the assessment. An improvement in terms of the symptoms of the condition was an indication of the success of the implementation. Another element of the evaluation was to consider the attitudes that the client developed towards cultural interaction. Positive changes in the attitudes of the client towards cultural interaction in the healthcare community was an indication of the success of the interventions.
It was evident that the client was suffering from a mental illness. Since the nurses followed the correct procedure of handling mental illnesses, one would say that the whole procedure was successful. In addition, the inclusion of cultural elements in the development of the interventions was a positive aspect that led to the success of the process. What can be done in the future to improve the outcomes of such processes is the collaboration between nurses and other specialists, especially therapists.

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