Marko has recently acquired a large sum of money with which he would like to start a business.

Task 1 /400 words/
Marko has recently acquired a large sum of money with which he would like to start a business. Advise him on the choice of a business, the different forms of business organisations available for him to use, and how the law would affect his business when it commences. (20 marks) / sole trader, partnership/

Task 2 / 400 words/
Sameena runs an online business from home. She has recently entered into the following agreements:
A. She offers to sell Bilal an Ipad. She has told him that she will assume he wants to buy it unless he tells her to the contrary by 5pm on Tuesday. The deadline has passed but Bilal has not contacted her./offer, acceptance/
B. She rents her spare room to her friend Carlton for £300 a month in January. In June, hearing that Carlton is in financial difficulty, Sameena reduces the rent to £200 “until things improve” for him. In September, Trudy, Carlton’s wife, is left £15,000 by her uncle. In December, Sameena hears about this money and demands full rent from September onwards./elements of valid contract
C. Sameena orders some accessories from Ola who has advertised them online. Ola receives payment for the goods but has refused to supply them. When Sameena makes further enquires, she discovers that Ola is17 years old, although the online portal they both used for the sale requires all users to be 18 and above./not legal, person under 18/
D. Sameena leased stage equipment from EventR Ltd. A clause in the lease contract states: “prompt payment of instalments is of the essence to the contract and failure to comply would entitle EventR to terminate the agreement”. Sameena has paid all instalments by their due date. She was late for the final instalment but had emailed EventR in advance to notify them that the payment would be one week late. Before Sameena makes the final payment, however, EventR terminated the agreement and sued her for damages for breach of contract. /conditions of contact/

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Discuss the legal effects of these transactions (20 marks)

Task 3 /400 + 200 words/
Since the 1990s, PPI policies have been sold alongside mortgages, loans and credit cards. They were meant to repay people’s borrowings if their income fell because they became ill or unemployed.
Following a significant number of complaints, an investigation commenced into the “PPI Mis-selling Scandal” leading to the introduction of rules by the Financial Services Authority to stop the alleged mis-selling. The British Bankers’ Association, however, complained against these rules.
With specific reference to the Supreme Court case of Plevin v. Paragon Personal Finance Limited [2014] UKSC 61, examine whether or not the relationship arsing out the PPI credit agreement is unfair. (20 marks)

Discuss current proposals for reform of unfair terms in contracts legislation. (10 marks)
Conclusion – answer to the case

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Task 4 / 300 + 300 words/
Taurus owns a wine bar. One Saturday evening, Buju hired it to host a fund-raising reggae concert. Buju was boiling some water to make coffee when he knocked over the kettle, spilling a large quantity of boiling water. Keisha, a guest, was standing nearby and boiling water splashed onto her trousers, burning her leg badly. She was unable to walk for two months.
A few weeks later, Manny, Taurus’ cook at the restaurant, was frying some food in a deep-fat fryer in the kitchen of the restaurant. Unfortunately, Neil, a public health inspector who was in the process of inspecting the restaurant, knocked over the deepfat fryer and started a fire. The fire spread rapidly, trapping Manny in the kitchen. Neil managed to escape. Taurus, who lived nearby, saw his restaurant on fire and rushed in to rescue Manny. He found Manny unconscious but was able to rescue him. Taurus suffered serious burns and was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital.
Taurus has now recovered but is permanently scarred. His restaurant was closed for three months for the necessary repair work to be done and he lost profits amounting to £10,000.

A. Discuss the possible claims that might be brought against Buju in negligence (15 marks)
B. Discuss the possible claims that might be brought against Neil. (15 marks)

NOTE: where is written in red colour its mean what the work should be about, each task has also number of words that I am requesting.

Guidance on answering assessment questions:
In order to produce a good piece of work in this assignment you are expected to demonstrate a broad understanding of the relationship between law and business and how the English Legal System regulates business activities. In particular, you should be able to discuss case scenarios and be able to solve problems relating to contract and tort law using previous cases as precedents and/or relevant legislation.

As the assessment comprises an essay to be written under several broad topics, it may not be necessary to provide a general introduction and conclusion. The beginning of each section should, however, outline a general introduction to the task with the objective of providing a contextual background to the areas of discussion to follow. Each section should end with a short conclusion which provides an answer to the specific question(s) raised in the task.

Relevant cases (precedents) and legislation are required as a basis for all arguments and conclusions.

Your assessment tasks are designed to show that you can meet the learning outcomes of the module
Learning outcome
On completion of the module you will be able to:
Develop an understanding of the place and function of law in business organisations and transactions.
Analyse the legal liability of parties in business transaction and recognise the case for reform in this area of the law. LO3
Demonstrate the capacity for legal analysis, research and problem solving skills within the context of Business Law, including the ability to produce a written advice (for example be able to answer a problem).
Identify key arguments and structure a reasoned opinion of a general or a specific nature and retrieve information from a variety of sources.

Assessment Criteria 1. Essay
2. Examination

These are the broad guidelines used by lecturers when grading your assignments. Please follow these to ensure you get good grades overall.
Grade 1st 2.1 2.2 3rd F
Subject specific knowledge and understanding
Knowledge Authoritative handling of complex material Demonstrates sound knowledge Satisfactory general knowledge of main issues Limited knowledge of course material Factual knowledge inaccurate
Understanding Clear evidence of theory into practice Sound evidence of theory into practice Satisfactory evidence of theory into practice Little evidence of theory into practice No evidence of theory into practice
Information Excellent range of relevant information Good range of relevant information Adequate range of relevant information Superficial use of relevant information Information not wholly relevant
Critical analysis and thought development
Analysis Attention to detail, precision of thought Logical, generally thorough Logical, but some lapses in attention to detail Lack of attention to detail, imprecise analysis Weak or little analysis
Synthesis Clear arguments, clear justification Good arguments, good justification Adequate arguments some justification Descriptive with undeveloped arguments Lacks synthesis, statements only, no justification
Sources Extensive and in depth Wide and in depth Adequate evidence of reading Limited evidence of reading Lacks evidence of relevant reading
Structure Well structured and lucid Coherent soundly structured Reasonably lucid adequate structure Imbalance in given information Lacks structure
Layout Sound organisation, correct use of guidelines Correct use of guidelines but with minor errors Adequate use of guidelines with minor errors Some major errors in use of guidelines Guidelines not followed
Editing No errors Minimal errors in proof reading Some minors errors in proof reading Some major errors in proof reading Inadequate proof reading
Referencing Referencing and annotation correct A few references and annotation incorrect Some references and annotation incorrect Several references and annotation incorrect Major errors or lack of referencing

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