Life can’t be all bed of roses, at times, a challenge comes in which makes life hard and others contemplate on ending their lives.

Words into action
Is ignorance bliss?
Life can’t be all bed of roses, at times, a challenge comes in which makes life hard and others contemplate on ending their lives. This might be as a result of mistakes done or misled by peers. Despite all these, life must continue. The mistakes done are meant to be lessons for the people committing them and should they face the same situations in future, they should be able to make wise decisions so as not to fall into the same mistakes.
While doing my undergraduate degree at a university, the time where we were doing our projects came and everybody had to do his or her own work. I didn’t know what to choose so I had to copy from a friend. I followed every step he took in doing the project. When the day of presenting it came, I was lack of the concept on why I had to choose that particular project. When I was asked how it will be helpful to the community, I had no rough idea. I was given a refer and I had to do another project.
When face with some situations which needs personal judgments, I have to make my own decision basing on my own knowledge and assumptions. Depending on somebody’s taught will eventually bring one down. That situation is worth remembering when I want to embark on anything since it motivates me not to depend on anybody but myself. Tough I regret copying my friend; I somehow appreciate the experience since it has built me to be independent and successful.
It’s good to have friends.
Every person we meet in life has a purpose. Ranging from home, we have family members, and then to school, we have our fellow students and tutors. We also have religious leaders who guide us spiritually. We also have friends whom we trust too much, share secrets with them and enjoy every moment with them. We at one time need to show appreciation to these people who have changed our life’s in one way or another.
For me personally, I will award them by starting up a business for them and employing those who are of value to them or even them if they do not have jobs. In doing this, I will have to get some advices from these people, more so, those who matter too much to me and possess wisdom. By doing this, I will be strengthening the bonds between us and showing them that they are very important to me.
My parents will be the first person to ask for their advice, they will advise me wisely since no parent will ever want to see their child getting lost in worldly things. They also have experience in life and what I am going to do, will at least have knowledge about it. My elder brother will be another person I will run to for advice. He also being so exposed to current technology will be able to advice me accordingly. He will be able to tell me the steps in setting up a successful business empire. He will also help me figure out the viable business to venture into.
The third person I will seek advice from is my religious leader from our church, since he is my spiritual advisor, he will be able to advice me and pray for my blessings in whatever business I am going to engage in. Another person whom I will sought advice from is a business consultant, since he has a with knowledge of businesses, he will be able to advice me accordingly and even help me to find the most viable business to venture in. He will also assist me in taking me trough the legal procedures to have my business registered. My friend will be the last person I will seek advice from. He knows me very well and knows my interest, so he will help me in any way he can and motivate me to go for it.
Carpe Diem
After getting all the advices, I will then sit down to identify the most viable business venture. I will do the registration of my business and set it to start its operations. First, I will come up with a plan, this will enable me to know the risks I will get involved in and devise a way of dealing with them. I will also make sure that I have enough funds in order to keep the business operating until it matures.
I will also create a website for the business so that it will be able to attract many customers who may require the products we deal with. I will also make sure that I hire qualified personnel so that they will be able to serve the customers professionally and satisfactorily. I will also invest a lot in marketing since with marketing, I will be able to make my products aware and also attract customers.
Taking sociology with you
Media messaging have become a daily routine at this generation, with growth in population with access to internet, communication has also improved. The messages I received everyday aims at passing a message or even to crack a joke. Some are for educational purposes from my friends. Categorizing the daily messages I receive in a day, it falls into different categories. But most of them will fall into social nature; it’s a means to socialize. From the results, it shows that media messages are mostly used for socialization then followed by other purposes.
Binge drinking
The most effective way of stopping binge drinking on campuses will be using informal social control because the reasons why many campus students drinks are due to peer culture and it represents conformity. They also drink because they see everybody drinking and thus viewed as not a big deal. It can be stopped only by banning the high alcohol percentage drinks not to be sold to then and also by expelling the students from those drinking dens.
Internet global profile (pg 407)
From the three graphs depicted, graph B represent the most socially significant statistics because the interned accesses are likely to come from a more developed continent. In this case, North America which is most developed is expected to have many population accessing internet which is truly depicted by the graph. Africa which is under developing and struggling to develop are also logically expected to have low internet users which are also depicted in the graph. The reason behind this is that The Americans use internet in doing almost everything, from studies to accounting and a lot more, whereas in Africa, internet is widely used in offices only.
The use of internet using Chinese language has increased drastically as shown in the graph because of the Chinese products. The Chinese products have entered almost everywhere in the continents and in researching about their products, their websites are written in Chinese with an option of translation to English. So anybody accessing their website will first have to change the language. The users or the assessors of the internet are the customers and companies who like to do businesses with the Chinese.

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