I noticed that you attended a Cumis bond seminar two years ago. Elaborate to us what is that and how it is relevant to this job that you could like us to offer you?

Week 1 Assignment
a) 10 essential KSAO’s for the job
1. Prepare Quarterly income statements.
2. Balance Journals and Cash records.
3. Prepare statistical reports.
4. Prepares and files tax returns.
5. Issues stop payments and send a copy of the form to the member.
6. Prints and issues checks
7. Deducts free from members accounts when a share is returned
8. Annually computes Cumis Bond
9. Reads and interprets computer printouts
10. Checks to see if share drafts have been cleared.

b) Structured Interview Questions

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Question Type Sample Questions
 I noticed that you attended a Cumis bond seminar two years ago. Elaborate to us what is that and how it is relevant to this job that you could like us to offer you?
 You have a gap of two years since you left your last job as a statistical analyzer, could you mind telling us what activities helped you to meet your financial needs during that time?
 Have you trained in SPSS program and quick office for windows? If yes when did you train?
 I noticed you worship on Saturdays. If there is an increased workload in the office, how flexible are you on working on a Saturday?
Skill level determiner
 You are the in-charge of a printer used for printing checks and tax returns. It stops suddenly when halfway in decreasing your workload. How will you carry out troubleshooting?
 You are computing statistical data using SPSS or Anova, and you would like to choose one of the software for your qualitative data. Which software will you prefer and why?
Future-focused (situational)  Grapevine spread very fast in an institution and sometimes may damage the image of an organization. Suppose you are the manager of a printing unit and you receive information about unconfirmed findings of computers in printing room causing cancer. How will you handle the situation?
 You receive a complaint from clients that they are not served on time. You go to the point of interest, and you receive feedback that one of the workers reports late and smells alcohol. How will you handle the case?
Past focused (behavioral)  Sometimes you may have realized that it is time to go home but there are clients waiting in the queue. Based on your experience, how did you handle such a scenario?
 Workers express their grievances through demonstrations. How best did you handle such a situation in the past?
Organization fit
 Which specific departments do you enjoy working on all the time?
 Which shift best suits you?

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