Education at Work (EAW) in a non profit outsourcing company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Education at Work (EAW) in a non profit outsourcing company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. EAW’s mission is to reduce student debt and have students graduate with real work experience. This is accomplished by employing students part-time directly on their college campuses. The students are then paid a base wage plus tuition assistance based on their GPA. In order to employ these students, EAW partners with Fortune 500 companies to provide them with customer service and back office support services which are staffed by students.

At this time there is no easy way for students at EAW’s larger campus centers to communicate with each other besides exchanging phone numbers or emails. Eric Spieser, VP of Human Resources has expressed interested in the creation of a system which students can use to easily communicate with each other in order to organize rides, shift changes etc.

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Next steps at this time is to create a “Facebook” like micro social media portal. Within this portal students will be able to post about needing rides, shift changes and a way to share overall campus news. Each supervisor and their corresponding team of student employees will also have their own sub groups in order to easily communicate any questions or concerns.

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