While growing up, I enjoyed spending my summers over at my uncle’s place.

Being an Entrepreneur
While growing up, I enjoyed spending my summers over at my uncle’s place. At first, it started with enjoying my cousins’ company. Then it developed and became about the exposure to good customer interpersonal relationship, how to allocate of jobs to employees when my uncle was not around, managing cash inflow and outflow at the counter and identification and making of different flavors coffee. I liked such experience. My parents were both 9-5 employees at that time. On the other hand, my uncle owned a small but efficient café which was doing relatively well. He is the risk taker in the family having other numerous investments as well. My father is the cautious type. While I admire my parents for what they do, I was drawn to the manner in which my uncle conducted his business. During my teenage years, my cousin and I would work at the café during the summer and earn a little money for our guilty pleasures. My uncle occasionally trained us and directed us on the café’s mission, objectives, values, and vision. I admired how he had it all figured out.
Entrepreneurs are risk takers. Unlike my dad who was not ready to make deals which have bigger risk margins, my uncle was an exception. He could more often than not take higher risks which even some of his friends could not dare to take such a path. I used to admire his approach to employee management. He believed in his employees and used to do everything that was possible to support his employees to achieve efficiency. This was achieved through the close interpersonal relationship he had with his employees and the frequent motivation of employees in order for the employees also to feel psychologically part of his business. In addition to better management of employees, my uncle had a belief that his customers were his employees hence he used to do everything possible to maintain his customers. This ranged from a good interpersonal relationship, timely meal serving to the availability of what customers need at the right time, right quality and right quantity.

The image above displays a male entrepreneur who is probably in his late 20s or early 30s. He is in a boardroom where he appears to be lost in a sea of thoughts. Around him are numerous desktops, a board with some writings on it, office stationery, and office furniture. In his hand is a pen. There are some calculations on the board and some drawings too. It is safe to assume that the character in the picture is doing some planning. The environment appears to be calm as there is no movement displayed in the image. This image is an ideal illustration of what it takes to be an entrepreneur: proper planning, informed decision making, investment in resources such as technology, being time efficient, and thinking outside the box. The elements in the image such as the lighting, the standing posture of the young male figure, and the props in the room speak a lot about being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial is like an art in which creativity takes the center stage, therefore, this essay will base its arguments using the image to prove the artistic nature and the five elements of entrepreneurial management.
The first element displayed in the image is thinking outside the box. Analysis of the man indicates that he is standing inside an enclosed room and is looking into the outside of his enclosed room via a window. This vividly depicts a man looking outside the box and in this case, the box is symbolically represented as an enclosed room. There is evidence that suggests that the man is thinking outside the box and that is the upright posture that the man has taken. The man could be sitting and then look into the outside world but this will not allow him to see as far as possible. The upright posture allows him to look into the future hence his thoughts will be occupied with the activities that are taking place in the future. This, therefore, indicates that the man is thinking about the future. Entrepreneurs create a new world of doing business, unlike small business owners who depend on the created world. This, therefore, dictates that they have to have to think outside the box, and beyond their comfort zones.
The second element of investing in technology is also not left behind. Surrounding the man are desktops. The presence of desktops in his office indicates that the man has considered technology as among the key pillars of his entrepreneurial activities that will help to spur the growth of his future company. For any company to be successive in future, it must invest in technology to give it a competitive advantage through improved efficiency and innovation. Technology is the future of any business and any entrepreneur must develop a system that makes it easier for the integration of technology. International marketing is slowly moving away from customers buying in a shopping mall to cloud buying by the use of online payment platforms
Proper planning is necessary before an individual joins the field of entrepreneurial. Planning involves planning for human labor, raw material, marketing strategies and finance management. Planning is displayed in the photo by the writings on the board which may include budget, modes of communication and other requirements mentioned earlier. The man has a marker pen which he has used to draw a plan on the whiteboard. In actual sense, the man has drawn a plan that he will use to achieve his objectives. The plan drawn seems to be two buildings drawn in a draft form in on the whiteboard. The 5th element is making an informed decision and this decision can be completing the first four mentioned element. An informed decision is reached after carrying out a SWOT analysis.
To sum it up, entrepreneurial activities is not a one-day event. It is a procedural event that involves correct planning, thinking outside the box and using technology to gain a competitive advantage. This image displays how I want to be in a couple of years. I plan on starting my own business someday, building systems around the elements around me, and making use of the technology, resources, and people’s benefits. I want to be among the entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and even establish values which will motivate me in waking up every day to generate some profit. I aspire to be my own master and my business with being the masterpiece. I want a masterpiece which I will devote my time and skills to. I find the challenges to be exhilarating. Such challenges keep me on my toes. I like to think of myself as an analytical person. Such skills are good when one is needed to make an informed decision or undertake an educated and well-calculated risk

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