Uncle MacDonald is an artwork that embodies China culture as it is made of ceramic which is largely produced in China.

1. Uncle MacDonald
Uncle MacDonald is an artwork that embodies China culture as it is made of ceramic which is largely produced in China. This Sculpture features both abstract and realistic details of a male person.
By examining the principals and elements incorporated in this design, the meaning and purpose behind the art work becomes apparent. The sculpture extending downwards and is shorter than the normal average man. This communicates an outstanding and unthreatening presence. The sculpture is not threatening because; the actual image carving does not depict pain, violence or anything abnormal or disturbing. The colors yellow and the brown stripes of the clothing blend well and give a very natural looking of a human being.
The aspects of the sculpture which most strikes are; the texture on the face seems rough and uneven hence giving an ugly looking face. Also, the proportions of the depicted person. The figures of this sculpture do not fully represent human being. For example, the person’s abdomen is extremely bigger and unrealistic; the features on his face also are exaggerated with the eyes lacking eye brows. The mouth is larger than normal.
Jian Yu’s sculpture has a value but I would suggest that because Uncle McDonald was identified with animals, Jian should have included several of them so that at a glance we can easily identify him with what he loved most. This sculpture is unique in its own way because nobody else has done it before. I have learned a lot through examining this sculpture. I have come to appreciate the work of art as this is a unique and well done work.
Comparison and Contrast Between and Real McDonald
In the sculpture, McDonald is portrayed as a man dressed in Western-style clothes. In the article, we can see that is McDonald is a western restaurant. He looks happy in the image. This tells us that he is pleased with what is going on. In China the restaurant has opened 800 doors for its customers in less than 20 years. This makes the McDonald China CEO Jeff Schwartz to be satisfied with their achievement.
The image does not bring out the fact the McDonald sees more opportunity in the 1.3 billion population of the Chinese company. McDonald sees that the Chinese market I expanding.
By painting the image in white and yellow, Jian Yu brings out the concept of hygiene. In China, McDonald with the hygiene and quality of their food and they subject it to quality standards as that of the United States. This has made them put washing stations and hand sensitizers outside the restaurant
2. Fat Lee
Jian Yu creates this art work influenced by the heroic fictional figures that had superior qualities to the regular human being. His Fat lee sculpture utilizes ceramic. His body is shorter and round. He is holding a well-made stuff. The facial painting looks really like a real human being but the orange and yellow coloring of his clothing and shoes respectively does not match well. The sculpture looks very stable. Jian Yu’s work shows the ideal Fat Lee and what he was known for. Jian Yu is trying to uncover the super nature of superior or special being who ever existed like Fat lee. The texture of the painting is smooth with some rough texture in the face.
The painting is generally pleasing to eye but the eye shadows are wronged placed high above the eyes. The sculpture looks stable and uniform.
Comparison and Contrast Between Fat Lee image and Real image
In the sculpture, Lee is shown to be carrying a weapon used by kung fu experts. This tells us that he was a great kung fu and Cha Cha champion. Bruce Lee started learning kung fu at the age of 14 after being neaten up in the streets. The Lee represented in the image is dressed in kung fu clothes. This shows his obsession for kung fu and chacha. The image depicts Lee as being fat. He wasn’t that fat.
3. Hitler
This is a sculpture made by Jian Yu. It is a sculpture of Hitler and it is made from ceramic. He designed this kind of work to create fantasy or desire by people because of the emergency of that special or superior being that the society relies on for protection. The first impression this sculpture gives is for a tough guy ready to act.
The sculpture’s color is well matching and its texture is polished and smooth. The waist belt is well fitted and the sculpture looks exactly like a real dictator. The bag across his shoulder is well on and his body posture is well positioned.
The Hitler’s sculpture looks like a real man commanding his servants on what to do. He looks bossy and authoritative. Jian Yu is taking us far back to history to remember this man. His choose of design, color and texture bring out the personality of Hitler. The value of this sculpture is to show some of the powers that have been known to be used by people in power back then. I really like this painting because it is so real and unique. It can be placed in museums or government offices.
Comparison and Contrast Between Image and Real
The image of Hitler shows him wearing the emblem in his left hand. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and Chancellor of German, he used to wear to where the strap wherever he went when he was on official duties. His face looks like that of a true commander according to the Sculpture by Juan Yu. Hitler was a dictator of the German people. Hitler rose to pain in become the German Chancellor in the year 1934. The portrayed doesn’t show us how many concentration camps he had created. Hitler started the World War II in 1st September 1939 by attacking Poland. This is not shown in the image. He is standing with hands apart to show that he is the leader of a Great country.

4. The last supper
The last supper is a work of art which was done by Jian Yu who was born in China. This a sculpture made of ceramic. This is directly influenced by religion. This shows Jesus and his disciples before his betrayal. This last supper sculptures, predominantly utilizes ceramics and it portrays objects, people and designs significant to event of last supper. The significance of this design exceeds practicality. By examining this work of art, it illustrates the disciples seated in a group facing the table. We have plastic cutlery on the table. Although the scriptures are not realistic, the humans on the sculptures are identifiable. If anything this reminds one of the last supper.
The color orange does not blend well with the sculptures. The disciples are unrealistically drawn as figures like the nose, eyes, and ears do not resemble the one of a human being. One cannot well identify if these are true people. The plastic cutlery also cannot be identified if one is asked what they are. Again it does not shoes Jesus sharing anything with his disciples as only one to two cutlery cannot make one conclude that they were sharing anything. The table again is not well designed and made.
Although not well drawn, Jian Yu’s work has a value. It gives one a big picture of the last supper and how it was. My suggestions are to try and make it more appealing to the eye and make the figures of the sculpture more identifiable. I understand that the level of expertise and experience is different but the Leonardo’s painting looks so real and appealing.
Comparison and Contrast
The image shows Jesus and His twelve disciples. Jesus is at the center while six disciples are on His right and His left. Jesus was at the middle since He was the leader of the twelve disciples so He had to sit at the middle of the table on that evening. From the drawing we can see that Jesus is humble. Jesus was the Son of God was humble, he served the twelve disciples.
The disciples are seen to be talking to each other probably trying to find out who among them will betray Jesus.
The image shows the disciples having bread and cups before them. In Matthew, we are told (And as they were eating, Jesus took bread and blessed it and broke it and gave it to the disciples and said, Take, eat, this is my body. And He took the cup and gave thanks and gave it to them saying, Drink ye all of it, Matthew 26:26-27).
It can seen that one the disciples who seems to Peter is speaking to Jesus and probably saying that he shall never betray or offend Jesus. The image does not show Judas Iscariot leave. In the Bible we are told that he leaves before the meeting ends.

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5. Edward
This Edward sculpture is a ceramic work of art done by Jian Yu. This sculpture of Edward shows him in grey fitting and black boots. He is also wearing a chain on his neck. He is showing a very unhappy and crying face. The sculpture has smooth texture and is very stable.
In contrast, his eyes are closed and do not look real. His open mouth also does not look real as he is missing teeth.
Through this sculpture I think Jian was trying to show how Edward was unhappy under his leadership. It is comically painted and it also acts as a role model to all the people under leadership. This art work is really likable because through the look of it shows how skillful the painter was. It looks so real. This is an important work of art to the society as it reminds us of the past leaders and what they underwent.
My suggestions are, because Edward was a king, I think this artwork should have been designed and made using a kingly clothing and also wearing a crown. Generally the art work looks good.
Comparison and Contrast Between the Person and the image
When the inventor died, he left his machine without any hands. It had scissors for hands. He is initially accepted in the suburban community where he is taken to. Due to fear by the public he is forced to leave and return to the castle. The image depicts him with tears in his eyes. This tells us that he must have undergone some form of suffering. This is in accordance to the truth since he underwent suffering after he was rejected in the suburbs through exploitation, greed and fear. The person in the image has large sharp scissors in place of hands Tech with Movies, tells us that when his inventor died, he was left with sharp scissors to use as hands. The image also shows him having scissors as hands .
The image does not show us that he was loved or loved anybody, Tech with Movies tells us this. The eyes of the image of Edward are closed to show the pain he went through when his inventor died. He goes through pain when his inventor dies before he is discovered by a cosmetic saleswoman.
6. Ciao
This is a ceramic art work made by Jian Yu titled Ciao. This shows a lady dressed like an actress or comedian. The lady shown is well dressed with her hair styled. She has make up put on and the picture just looks real. The texture of the art work is very smooth and the colors are neutral. The light and dark values are well used. The yellow, blue, green and red on the front form repeating shapes that create rhythm. The painting is well balanced and stable. The painting shows a happy lady. Jian was trying to show a happy actress loving her job and this portrays a happy feeling. I think Jian was trying to bring the comedy out of this painting and appreciate the fast growing acting and comedy industries. As a comedian or actor, the sculpture is well made.
I like this artwork and I really think that it is an important work in the society that can be put in the houses or even meuseams.
Comparison and Contrast with real person.
The image shows a man having put on make-up. He is dressed up in female clothes. This brings out the element of gay.
In the movie Ciao Jeff discovers that there was a strong online romance between Mark, his deceased friend, and Andrea, a man who lives in Italy. This is what the image portrays-same sex relationships. The image is dressed in a simple way and is wearing short. The movie also has a simple setting with small cast.
Jeff and Andrea also bonds very quickly. This also shows us that the movie is about gayism as portrayed by Juan Yu’s image of Ciao. Jeff invites Andrea to go and stay with him despite Mark being dead.
7. Super me
Super me art work was done by Jian Yu and is made from ceramic. It’s a work of art showing a super me sculpture. He is wearing a blue and brown fitting which blends well in him. This art work symbolizes the fantasy and desire by other humans for emergence of the special or superior being that can protect the society.
The texture of the whole painting is smooth and perfect. This is a creative and very skillful work. The painting looks real and super. Contrary, the lips are over painted and do not look real. This art of work is portraying the superheroes who seem nowadays to be everywhere and their stories capture important truths about human nature. By looking at the art work, I like this sculpture because it is well made and well matched.
Comparison and Contrast Between the Image of Super me and Real Superheroes
The image depicts a superhero. The clothes he is wearing are those worn by superheroes. Contrary to what is normal, usually superman stand in a magnificent way. They are generally tall.. In the sculpture he is short and this might hinder his speed to save other people who have been captured by the villain. Superheroes are usually muscular with a well-fitted body. The image shows him as a fat plum man who is unfit. Have cant be able to save to save people if he is not very muscular. The clothes he is wearing are like those worn by real superheroes. They bring to the society wherever they appear.
8. Yang Player
Further, yang player is one of the two players in badminton in the world history to have won two world Badminton Championships Men’s singles titles consecutively (1987 and 1989). Additionally, Yang won men’s singles gold medal when Badminton was just a demonstration sport at the 1988 summer Olympics. In fact, anybody in the sport can never ignore Yang’s quick footwork, accurate power, great agility and coolness under pressure when in the field, doing what he was born to do. He is regarded as one of the finest players in the history of the sports. In looking at his paint, holding the shuttlecock essentially communicates to any other person who does not know Yang that the person is associated to the sport in some way (McDonald, 2008). In most cases, it draws attentions and creates curiosity to the audience to research about the person. However, for those who already know the person, such a figure reminds them of great moments. In fact, some even remember one particular occasion when the player shined or did the wonders of his history.
It is showing Yang in black clothing and black shoes. He is also holding a tennis ball. The texture in the chest and downward to knees is not smooth. He looks happy and confident. This painting communicates and reminds us of the celebrated and talented sports people in the world. It shows us how important they are in the society. Contrary, the painting looks blurred. The theme of this painting is sports and history. The painting can be placed in offices of the ministry sports to motivate the young upcoming players in the society. The sculpture is generally well made and looking good.
Comparison and Contrast
The image is of a man holding a badminton birdie. He is dressed in black to show that he was a coach at some point. Badminton started playing badminton when he was 12 years old. The sculpture depicts this by showing him carrying the ball.
Once he was recruited in the national team in 1983, he won many titles including the prestigious Thomas Cup. By holding the badminton birdy, we can see that he must have been winning and that he had strong passion for badminton. This made him to be among the top three of world’s greatest badminton players. To add on this, Yang Yang helped China to win Thomas Cup from Indonesia. He served as a coach leading them to win the Thomas Cup.
To help make affordable badminton equipment, he created his own brand Yang Yang to produce high quality equipment.
9. Oil for Nike
It is shows the guy wearing white clothing with a black belt and blue boots. The white top has the company label. The lady is also holding a container which is used to hold a type of oil. She is open- mouthed and no teeth seen in her mouth. By painting this sculpture, Jian is promoting the oil for Nikes Company. The painting looks a little bit blurred but the texture is smooth.
The open mouth does not look well with the lady and I suggest that he could have done it with the mouth closed and also dealing with oil, the clothing should be made of a dull color. Generally the whole painting is ok and presentable. It can be kept in the company’s reception or on petrol stations which sell this kind of oil.
Principally, the art has taken a critical understanding in almost all the arts. For instance, the figure for Nike has been painted with his hand holding a container. This is an illustration of his love for his oil company that has always been remembered over the years. The container essentially demonstrates as if he is carrying oil in the container. It shows a lot of passion for his company’s success and greater focus on quality products.
Comparison and Contrast
The clothes the woman is wearing does not show us the clothes are made by Nike since they do not have the Nike symbol. Nike clothes usually have Nike logo.
She is carrying a bottle probably containing oil.
From the image we can see that Mao is portrayed as A ruler or a commander who is authoritative. HE looks strong in his army uniforms. Comparing from the true story, Mao is seen to be revolutionary. He consolidates power and wants the Chinese people to have confidence in his CPC. He does this by solving economic problems which had worsened during the civil war. The image brings makes him appear as true problem solver. In the image he is wearing military clothes and boots. This shows that he is a great military leader. This is in accordance with the article since it says that one of his objectives was a strategic military plan. The picture doesn’t portray him as an economic leader. From the article ‘The Chinese economy from 1949 revolution to the Great Leap Forward’, he is portrayed as a real economic leader especially using the FYEP and SFYEP.
Rich Mao was a shrewd ruler, this is shown in the image by carrying of two small bags one in each hand. In the article Mao recognized that the failure of the FYEP and the public disapproval of following the Soviet track for development was a chance for him to come up with other plans that will succeed. He came up with the SFYEP.

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