The Scientific method is a process of carrying out an experiment which used in exploring the observations made from such experiment and recording the results of analysis.

The Scientific method is a process of carrying out an experiment which used in exploring the observations made from such experiment and recording the results of analysis.
Steps in Scientific Methods
To undertake a successful experiment, there are stipulated steps set to guide one. By embarking on the experiment about the sugar concentration in coffee and water. A question of between water and coffee, which of them would increase the sugar level in human beings. This was to help in curbing diabetes. This was achieved by using mice and observing the effects of each fluid to their blood sugar levels.
Before embarking on the experiment, a thorough background research on the causes of the diabetes by increasing the blood sugar levels was conducted. It was found that sugar and coffee were good to be used. Research done showed that a lot of people like drinking water and coffee. So it arises a need to find which of them contributes to diabetes. Then a hypothesis is formulated in order to predict the outcomes of the experiment.
The hypothesis is then tested to check whether its right approach in getting the expected results. This can be done repeatedly and varying the time frame for each test. This enables one to check if the results are consistent and thus the hypothesis being reliable. From the hypothesis test, the results observed are then recorded for more analysis and then the results be communicated to the concerned authority.
The dependent variables in this experiment are the time and the amount of coffee and water used. The independent variable, in this case, is the mice that act as the specimens. They can be manipulated to match the environment and the fluids used. The dependent variable can be manipulated by changing the concentration of each content and recording the changes if there is any observed.
Critics of scientific method
Though the applications of these scientific methods have proved to be effective, the application in the above experiment might face some issues. Due to inconsistent results found, it may not be possible to have a reliable outcome. The changing of variables also does not guarantee the outcome will be accurate. All the mice should have to be kept in the same conditions and only to be varied. As we can see, the concentration of coffee is varied from one mouse to the other. This should not be the case since others might as well have immunity.
Scientific methods applied in this experiment also don’t prove to be effective in the outcome of such experiment is in accordance with the controlled environment. The results found would be subjective rather than being objective. For it to be successful, the conditions which should only be varied while all other conditions should be left natural or constant. This will reflect on the exact nature of the living things and their effects.
Application of scientific methods ignores the importance of observation. If they use, the observation function is distorted and then the results will be formulated to be subjective. The applications assume its functions and thought of being only used for inventing theories.
By using the scientific method of research to carry out the experiment, the chances of prejudicing the results to fit personal opinions are very minimal. This is achieved since all the steps and instructions are stipulated for one to follow. The results being gotten will prove to be effective. The mouse being used in this respect will provide reliable results and thus find the more drinks that contribute more to diabetes.
Furthermore, using scientific methods of carrying out an experiment poses a form of consistency. The procedures for carrying out such are stipulated which every person is carrying out the experiment is consistent. From this fact, the result achieved by this experiment proves to be consistent and thus reliable. By using this in the mouse, the characteristic exhibited by the mouse reflects the real effects of the water and coffee with regards to the contribution of diabetes in human beings.
In addition, consistent use of the scientific method will lead to the formation of theories since the entire hypothesis used will be proven. Proving it will give rise to a theory that will no longer need to be tested and thus saving a lot of time for the researcher. Then embarking on using theories, more predictive research will be undertaken with a high possibility of achieving the anticipated results.
Relevance of this research
With the current rapid increase in the number of the persons affected by diabetes, there is a need to curb the rising and eventually control it. From the research carried out in the United Kingdom in 2012, the estimated people who were found to be suffering from diabetes was three hundred and sixty-six million globally. With the current rate of increase in this disease, the predicted number of people estimated to have been affected by the year 2030 will be five hundred and fifty-two million people.
The same report compiled in the year 2011 revealed that the person alone in the United Kingdom who was affected by this disease was two million and nine hundred thousand. Taking the rising rate, by the year 2025, the figure will be expected to have moved up to approximately five million affected. This in essence will have affected about eighty percent working population. This will tend to decrease the rate of economic development. Therefore, a need to find the contributors arises so that it will be avoided at all costs.
In an aim to combat and eventually get rid of this disease, a thorough research will have to be conducted, which, in this case, it has been conducted using mice as specimens. From the results there from, an innovative way of preventing such from a further increase in the number of people affected. This will be important since it will help the future generation to stay away from products found to cause and contribute to the development of diabetes.
In conclusion, diabetes being widely found in all generation poses a risk of causing a stronger workforce to be affected which results in weak economy globally. Thus, the implementation of the findings in the experiment carried out will be of great importance as it will act as the initial step taken in combating the disease. Educating also the members of the public should be done so as to enable a diabetes-free future generation.

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