The Anasazi were among the first people to establish their villages which are still identifiable by 500 A.D, in the American Southwest.


Mystery of the Anasazi
The Anasazi were among the first people to establish their villages which are still identifiable by 500 A.D, in the American Southwest. The group of people was involved in hunting and growing foods such as beans, corn, and squash. Over the years, the Anasazi began to be civilized, and it can be seen by the irrigation systems and the sophisticated dams they developed. The pottery of the group of people is masterful and distinctive as seen on their dwellings. In the cliffs, the Anasazi had created multi-room dwellings, and they can still be seen in the current archeological studies. The intricate carvings can still be seen on the sides of the cliffs.
The Anasazi, however, did not reside on these areas permanently as they abandoned their settlement, pottery, and clothing. It is as if the group had intentions of coming back to the place. However, the group disappeared into history. There are archeologists who study the historical site of the Anasazi and believed that the group was affected by massacres and cannibalism. The villages remained empty for more than 100 years till other tribes such as the Ute and Navajo and other European settlers occupied the places (Documentary, 2014. The cliff has been studied by archeologists as a way of establishing the reasons these people moved, such as the drying of their water sources and making the people moved to the cliffs. The cliffs are considered to have shelter and protection for the Anasazi. However, the cliffs and the pottery has been used to show the earliest archeological sites, and they are still visited the present due to the pottery and the carvings.
Strange Disappearance of the Anasazi
The disappearance of the Anasazi has caught the attention of the archeologists and other researches to determine what happened to the group and what moved them from the mountains to the cliffs where they build their dwellings. The historical site where all the studies and research takes place is known as Charcoal Kenyan. It is the site where the Anasazi used to reside, and it can be seen by the sacred sites and residential dwellings. The levels of civilization by the Anasazi had not been in the white world, which could have created a threat, leading to the genocide of the people. The Anasazi used to call themselves as the ancient ones and what attracted other people such as from New Mexico was the incredible structure that had been created by the Anasazi.
The region has been studied for a long period of time and has helped in understanding the civilization of the people, such as in Utah, where the graveside of the Anasazi was found. The Anasazi are thus known as the earliest civilized people, and the group of people has been searched in the surrounding regions such as Utah and New Mexico (Daugherty, 2017). The video is an indication of the works of archeology. It is seen that the work has been conducted since from the past, where a cowboy gained interested in the cliff castle, which he found as he was looking for lost cattle. Since then, different discoveries have been made such as the patterns that were used in constructing the houses in the cliff and the cultural beliefs of the people. More studies are still being done, in the hope of establishing what happened to the Anasazi people.

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