So, this assignment need to be modified contents which we have done more detail according to comments [feedback] received from professor. I attached two files 1) PPT – You have to read from 32 page to 73 ( If you need information of background, you can read from 1 to 31) 2) Comments and information of assignment, · Could you pls read the comments received from professor in detail and then modify them [one – to – one] according to comments.

Slide 57-68
How Captivate manages clients’ work.
The first step on how Captivate media manages it clients is by creating accounts for the specific customers. Account leaders and directors ensure that all the expectations and requirements of the clients are captured and recorded in their respective accounts.
The media company then acquires detailed, relevant, and beneficial information about the products of the clients through the technical advertisement and sales promotion team.
Brand planning, positioning in reputable sales areas and development are other key activities on how Captivate media manages its clients’ products and services. The success is also engineered by the analysis and planning on how that brand is perceived in the market.
Slide 68-70
Upskilling the Agency Employees
In order to remain relevant and competitive in the advertisement industry, Captivate Media is committed to improving the skills of its staff in the growing and digitally trending market. Some of the upskilling policies used by the Company include:
Training programs for improving the advertising agency staff and client relationships have been executed to ensure that the existing clients are glued to the company.
For example, administrative studies and training have been delivered to the account directors in order to handle potential and new educational institutions.
Captivate media has a policy of training their staff whenever they are required to offer promotion services to new clients with unique requirements and demands.
Digital marketing training programmes have been implemented to match the modernization in the advertising industry.
The company also has a research team that investigates the market requirements and changes in the modern system. The team also writes and presents detailed reports on the issues to ensure that the staff members are aware of the new skills and implementation procedures they are required of.
Slide 70-72
A triple-A professional development framework
Employees are made to be aware of the reason and value of developing their professions in the advertising agency. Use of one-on-one sessions to discover the kinds of professional development each employee wants so that both parties can look for opportunities that make sense and are within budget.

Each employee is accountable for maximizing their learning experiences. Sustainability and long-term development can be achieved through accountability.

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Once the development opportunity has been approved and the employees are on their way, it’s helpful to plan their follow-up action plan and when you will work with them to evaluate the impact and benefits of the process.

Slide 73
Invoicing and budget control.
Captivate media plans on using SCORO business budgeting software. SCORO helps in managing advertisement budgeting features, financial dashboards, and invoicing services. KPI and financial analysis are then done in order to control the expenditure and for proper budgeting plans.

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