Political Corruption

Political Corruption
Political corruption can be defined as the illegitimate application of government powers to achieve personal or political gains. Political corruption only occurs when the political leaders deliberately use their positions to taint the law and trade with it for the purposes of acquiring a political mileage. Certain authority figures such as president Trump have shown perfect examples of political corruption. Even though their corruption is evident, it continues to be ignored by most Americans today. The country will continue to go nowhere but downhill if political corruption continues. Political corruption is the main problem with America today because it destabilizes the country.
The first exhibition of political corruption is the fact that we the citizens of the United States are dealing with national debt. The main reason is because of taxation. To address the problem the American Anti- Corruption Act was formed which sought to stop political bribery, secret money and was also intended to fix America’s electoral system. The Americans are all actively participating to pass local Anti Corruption bills and Acts. It should be understood that every state in America has a unique political dynamic and despite the differences, the Anti Corruption Acts will seek to address the political iniquities since they are evident across America. . Since the government itself is corrupt, that corruption of course trickled down to the President.
President Trump has had a major impact on many American citizens. Running for presidency in the year of 2016 he claimed to “Make America great again” with no beneficial plans for people who do not fit into his category of “American.” Trump has recently threatened to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) which will affect many Hispanic families that have children in and out of the schooling system. Many students in Colorado walked out of school to protest this act hoping that Trump will understand that not only Hispanics care about DACA and that he is messing up thousands of innocent people’s future by attempting to abolish DACA. Trump also plans on building a wall in between Mexico and America which will cost US millions of dollars. This will not only affect those attempting to come to America to better themselves but it will also affect American Taxpayers. Even after Donald Trump ordered an immediate construction of the wall to completely isolate Mexico from US, many Americans rose and protested the constructed of the wall claiming that it was an expensive step that would not yield any significant results. This order was then followed by another move to ban all the refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim countries from entering the U.S. the order was also met with fury by most Americans who asserted that not all Muslims are terrorists and that the ban was misguided. The two orders culminated into the slogan” No Ban! No Wall!” that was used by protesters. The protestors also locked their arms holding signs that spelled out “Mr President walls divide.” it must then be understood that not just refugees and Hispanics were protesting this claim but many Citizens were out there also. Clearly then, it isn’t just affecting them it’s also affecting the US as a whole.
Evidently, DACA has since 2012, absorbed many students to the school system. As such the intent of DACA was to make the future of children of illegal immigrants bright. Notably, Obama’s administration had taken into consideration that every child has a universal right to access education. Children are innocent beings and nit all the illegal immigrants have a bad intention. This perception is what led to the introduction of the dream act bill. The bill sought to provide an opportunity for children to learn and ultimately acquire job opportunities. DACA was therefore meant to have a long-term benefit whereby after schooling the students would contribute immensely to the development of the US economy. It was believed that these children had big dreams to be great people in the future and therefore here was a need for the government to help them.
However, the recent independent and executive order by President Trump to abolish DACA has threatened to break the family binds of the majority of Hispanics who have children within and out of the school system. The large number of students who protested out of classes and picketed in states such as Colorado, with an intention that President Trump would yield to their plea witnessed the extent of rejection of the planned abolition of DACA. Despite the fact that thousands of such students were born and raised in America, there are minimal possibilities that the students have relevant affinity with the countries of origins of their parents. Trump’s motive is therefore misguided and grounded on racist ideologies that are highly retrogressive.
Overall, since his inauguration, President Trump’s politics can be termed as one sided since his administration seem not to represent the political good will of all the residents of the United States. His political agenda seems to consider only the affairs of the white Americans. For instance president Trump signed an order, which prohibited immigrants from seven Muslim states from into the United States. Additionally, there was an immediate and indefinite suspension of immigrants from Syria. Street anti-Trump protests were witnessed across various places especially international airports across the United States. At the same time Trump has an elaborate and comprehensive plan of constructing a perimeter wall at the Mexico-US border. The wall is estimated to cost billions of taxpayers’ dollars and limit the number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross to the United States. Several days later, a majority of the Americans protested against the move claiming that it was a misplaced priority. Nonetheless, it is important to note that apart from Hispanics, other persons in the United States were protesting the proposed executive orders by President Trump. The executive orders were estimated to peak into extensive implications for various groups of immigrants within the United States. Looking therefore at the kind of opposition that Trump is witnessing there is a need to reconsider his political decisions and form an all inclusive government that represents the will of all people.