My drawing is of an eye that is viewing a hilltop. I drew using a pencil.

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My drawing is of an eye that is viewing a hilltop. I drew using a pencil. I wanted to come up with an image that would portray the importance of trees to the life of birds and animals. The eye opens to a sight of birds in the air and pine trees on a mountain.
I chose the drawing because it is unique and it would convey my message correctly. If the trees on the hilltop are cut down, there will be no birds in the air, and the eye will not see any life. The eye will not perceive any images, to mean that the viewer will die, as a result of cutting down of trees.
For the preparation, I used an HB pencil and an eraser. A pencil gives a lot of flexibility. Erasers were necessary to erase any mistakes and increase the accuracy of my work. I acquired hot-pressed paper because it is the most suitable for use with pencils. I began drawing in circular motions. I started with the lower eyelid and then the top eyelid of the symbolic eye I then went ahead to draw the eyeball which would also display the crater on the hilltop. I then added the trees on the hill and then birds in the air.
I had the desire to pass my message of the importance of trees in the life of birds and animals. So, I did not find any difficulty in the creation process. I comfortably erased any errors in the process of drawing.
I drew various sizes of birds and ordered them in the sky to create rhythm and movement in the art. Keeping them far in the air and not on the treetops is meant to show that the birds are alive and can fly over the hilltop to their destinations. The sizes of the trees are varied distributed from the bottom of the hill to the top to create unity. They are also on both sides of the mountain for symmetry. I was at a dilemma when I had to decide whether the birds should perch on trees or move in the air.
I feel that the image is effective in sending the message that life of birds and animals is dependent on trees. The eye will witness the movement and life of the birds if it does not cut down the trees.

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