In my role, the photographer is mainly responsible for debugging equipment, renting equipment, sound recording and setting up the scene of the position of the camera.


Contribution Reflection
Identifying your role and ACTIVE contributions
In my role, the photographer is mainly responsible for debugging equipment, renting equipment, sound recording and setting up the scene of the position of the camera. Every time I shoot, I rent the equipment in advance and move it to the tank. Then, return the equipment at the appointment time after filming. Difficulties encountered during the project when shooting with 360 camera for the first time, there were some problems with the 360 degree camera without screen when shooting, it cause us cannot make sure the shooting successful. we need to use the phone screen to connect to the camera WIFI to monitor the status of the player. However, the camera is often not connected. So, we have to change a panoramic camera to solve this problem. Interview in order to improve the quality of the shooting all use SLR cameras. In addition, we used three cameras to shoot the interview. Main perspectives of shooting interviewers and interviewees and features of angle shooting interviewees and presenters. This is all for the sake of making the video more enjoyable.

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Our group chose to present different cultures with music from different countries. We creatively adopted a 360 camera to capture the visual effect of the performers through around to bring different music feast.I’m glad to join in this team. With the help of manager and organizer, we had a clear division of labor at the beginning. In this event, I learned that How to develop an event. First, the group must have a complete plan probably and clearly division the jobs to group members. I realized that I lacked skills in computter software. I need to improve edit skills by final cut. It would useful to help accomplish program as soon as possible. At the same time, i has greatly improved my interpersonal communication through this project because of we need to communicate with team members constantly. The reason why I choose the position of shooting video because I have relevant experience in the past.
I also realized that it takes a lot of people to work together on an effective video project. The music for us what’s the most difficult is to find the right project performers as students we have no funding to invite a professional music person invited five are students are one of the two is a band of music the passionate young man to music they have their own points of view that is also reflected in the interview. In addition, the production of post-production video is also a lot of work. Due to my limited skills, I would like to thank another partner for taking charge of the editing.

Impact Analysis
The topic of our group is to compare music in different cultures. We invited a total of seven performers from various countries, including the British,Portuguese,Chinese,Nigerian. Two of them are groups, one is a band and the other is a dancing group. The purpose of our event is to discuss through performance and interview. Study the origin of music which any activity or event inspired music. What inspired the performer’s music? Which one has the most influence on the performer’s music or dance. Whether it is music or dance itself is not good or bad, it is just an expression of art, a product of culture. In addition, our group uses AR cameras to record performers, which we think is more creative and shows more dynamic details. Panoramic Camera is more difficult to edit than regular, and the good thing is one of our group members. In order to spread it, we uploaded the video to YouTube and also launched a Facebook with poster for our event. The purpose is to make it as visible as possible for the audience.

Reflecting on the shortcomings of this event, the editing work is heavy. However, we only have one team member in charge. I hope to help him. However, i cannot help because of the lack of relevant willing to learn to improve the knowledge of editing. Music is more of an artistic level. Different cultures and societies can cause different understandings of music. Like our first lady interviewed from Portugal, the first influence of music on her was that her grandma sang almost every day when she was a child, usually singing folk songs. There may be differences style in music even in different regions of the same country. In Claude town in Portugal, there is a traditional and interesting music that people wear weired outfits to perform. In addition, there are also a pair of dancers Chand and Rishi from Birmingham, roots origin is India. They are Bollywood dancing in India. Bollywood is the world’s largest film production base. Although it is not as good as Hollywood, it also has a large audience. Dance, like music, also has regional differences. As interviewees said that India has different dance style from South India and North India. For example, Qatar’s traditional dance belongs to south India. We talked about the performers’ views on dance. In order to inspire different dance talents, dancers will try other dance types. Some fast-paced dances are more challenging than traditional ones.

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Why chooses music topic
Music is in our lives. Most people need music to adjust their lives. Music can bring emotional fluctuations to people, brisk music makes people feel good, sad music makes people feel depressed. Music reflects the culture of a region or nation to a certain extent. However, music is also a cultural collision. Now people can open their phones and listen to music from all over the world, especially popular music led by Europe and the United States, which has affected many people to like music. Some musicians are also influenced by their predecessors and gradually formed their own style. Then, the value of music has increased. As in the past in China,listening to music was free. With the increase of people’s copyright consciousness, media flows start to charge for music. The value of music is gradually showing its respect for music creators. Furthermore, music makes cultural communication more frequent, and people listen to music by feeling the rhythm, even if they do not understand the language of other countries. Media flows are essential in the digital age, music and dance had eventually use media tools to spread widely. Although on the one hand the idea of entertainment to death is still prevailing, people frequently browse the anxious “fragmentation” information of Instagram, Facebook, twitter. On the other hand, the useful information with cultural content has gradually occupied the media and internet users will rational read it. Music is also a medium. Musicians use music to express more meaning. It has a connection with society and life. Music mediation meets people’s need for music sensibility and becomes an integral part of society and culture. Transnationalism marks a new orientation in American
Studies scholarship, which places cultural analysis and identity making in a global
context. (Rodica Mihaila) Music can be regarded as a transnational activity, and the music culture brought by it can be spread globally through the media. Music of all kinds, performed by people from all over the world, it as mixed as politics and economics.

Affect what
At the end of the project, we invited performers and some foreign guests to observe the project results in tank. The performers are very satisfied with the presentation of the project, saying that this AR project uses a very different way to present their own performances that they have never experienced before. In view of the limitation of the size of the mobile phone screen, it can only provide a 180-degree viewing angle. Although the picture can move with the mobile phone, it cannot fully display the 360-degree experience. In order to improve the viewing experience, our solution is to borrow two VR goggles. With this tool, the viewer can free his hands and only need to shake his head slightly to watch a 360-degree view. The connection of performers in several different countries allows them to see the differences in music or dancing in other cultures. It turns to learn from each other and use them in their fields. New ideas come from the collision of different cultures.
During the interview, I learned that each performer has his own admirer which the artist they imitate. It has a profound influence on the performers to inspired them ideas or the power of expressing art.

References (2019). Cultural Translation and the Discourse of Transnationalism in American Studies. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Dec. 2019]. (2019). Media, Culture and Globalization. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Dec. 2019].

Research Diaries

Media region

Different countries or regions have different expressions of music or dance
Some dancing style that people think is normal, but it looks strange in other regions or countries. For example, performers said that there are seven tones in the UK in musical performance but only five tones in China. In addition, the media will be restricted to China, like some extreme or erotic dance moves will be banned.
The media may be restricted to varying degrees in the process of disseminating information. Some information may be restricted by the government and others may be restricted by the media company. The mainstream media in the West, centered on the United States, will virtually affect people’s judgment. The reception of information will be affected under cultural hegemony. Even the government has been unfairly affected by media statements. For example, U.S. President Trump has also complained that his free speech has been suppressed by technology companies. At the same time, information is scarce in some areas, and some traditional instrumental concerts are preserved in remote areas.

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