Importance of seeking work environment that fit personalities

Psychology developmental survey
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Importance of seeking work environment that fit personalities
The debate about whether or not one should follow the passion in arriving at the career is rage with many scholars taking divergent views. Well, a number of studies assume dissimilar points of view proposing one’s understanding of personality traits and individualities and not passion entice career satisfaction and success. According Barbara, employers are keen in having personalities that match organizational work environment. But, a recent research by depicts that choosing the job which you are essentially suited and not about convincing the interviewer culminates happiness and productivity from the employee.
Understanding the roles best suited of one personality makes the employee happy and fulfilled at work. To back the premise a study conducted by Paulo concluded that employees who seek a work environment that fit personalities apply the character strengths in work places and better fathom the workflow schedules and assigned tasks. Comparatively, discovering personality test tend to promote contentment and employee satisfaction. Working in a lean environment that fit personalities emulates high sense of teamwork and high productivity (Paulo, 2013).
World work of women and men
World of work of women and men are dissimilar; it represents elements of famine and masculine of the distinct soul. Actually, men are substantially stronger unlike women. Besides, by nature men are normally extra antagonistic and visibly oriented. On the flip side, their counterpart’s women typically postulate inner dignity. According to Jorklund, many people take women for granted the subtlety which comes with such weakness; in reality, women are strong and form the mammoth physical force ever imagined (Jorklund, 2015)
The impact of retirement on your life
The study interviewed 10 people with the time since retirement lying 1-12 year. The table below represents the participants to the study:

The results depict that men during their work life dedicate less time to do personal tasks at home. Life after retirement strengthen the institution of marriage allowing couples get enough time with family and home chores as was not in case when working.

Jorklund, B. R. (2015). The journey of Adulthood . Pearson, 1-10.
Paulo, S. (2013). The impact of retirement on the quality of life of the elderly. 50-100.

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