I find Moore’s book, living with the Earth in chapter 7 about emerging diseases to be timely and quite informative.


I find Moore’s book, living with the Earth in chapter 7 about emerging diseases to be timely and quite informative. This is because the world is battling with many emerging diseases and the only way to move forward from this epidemic is to not only understand how one can get affected but also how to prevent oneself from such diseases.
I also do agree with the author that, emerging diseases such as AIDS and Cryptosporidium are not only affecting the people in the united states but also the rest of the world. In line with other research conducted over the years, diseases such as HIV is transmitted through intimacy with an infected person, organ transplant as well as contact with contaminated sharp objects (Moore, 2007).
According to Moore, the factors that have hugely led to the emergence of this diseases include globalization, microbial adaptation, ecological changes, changes in human demographics as well as public health standards breakdown (2007).
Some of the viral diseases that have been identified since the year 1973 include HIV, Hepatitis C, Hantaviruses, HTLV as well as Ebola. On the same note, some of the viral diseases that have reemerged include among others, Lass fever, Rift valley fever as well as Yellow fever (Moore, 2007). Some of the reasons that have contributed to this re-emergence include changes in virulence when building dams as in the case of Rift valley fever, urbanization in the case of Lass fever and favorable conditions for mosquitos in the case of Yellow fever.
Moore’s approach on the ways to limiting the spread and emergence of infectious disease is also very informative. Such measures include the integration of laboratory science and epidemiology so as to be able to optimize health practices

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Moore, G. S. (2007). Living with the earth: concepts in environmental health science. CRC Press.

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