Death penalty can be defined as a capital punishment where a condemned individual is sentenced to death as result of serious terrible crime committed. In different societies the death sentence is associated with fear, panic, yelling and screaming to the victims.

Death penalty can be defined as a capital punishment where a condemned individual is sentenced to death as result of serious terrible crime committed. In different societies the death sentence is associated with fear, panic, yelling and screaming to the victims.
In most of the criminal justice systems in different countries the death penalty has always been the subject of debate, where some are against while others are for.
The following are the reasons that support and oppose the use of capital punishment.
Reasons for death penalty
It is viewed that by condemning a person to death may deter a serious crimes from happening since it sends a strong warning to those others with the same motives and plans of committing similar crimes, however never in the world statistics has it been proven that by death penalty to criminals there are reduced or no such cases of crimes.
It is oblivious that justice served should be equal to the crime that is committed for instance if one commits a felony he or she should get justice that is equal to the act therefore the death penalty is appropriate to this type of the crime
Death penalty convicts are perceived to be extremely dangerous by convicting them to capital punishment it enhances safety to the society at large but also if they escape they will do more harm then the capital punishment have not safe guarded the society.
To some countries death penalty is less costly as compared to long sentences in prisons, for instances the cost of appealing for the case in law courts, cost of living of the inmates and feeding them. However justice must be served equally one should be sentenced according to the crime committed.
Severe punishment should be administered according to the crime committed, then death penalty is the best for the serious crimes committed, but to some religious beliefs no one is allowed to take someone’s life. Then life imprisonment is appropriate in this case.
No one tells anyone to commit a felony, no one tells anyone to rape its only done through a free will, and he or she chooses to do the act. Then if the crime is done through free will the justice should be done the same. If the felony, rape or murder is committed the death penalty should be administered because they did that freely.
Human beings mostly fear death, if most terrible crimes such as homicide, genocide are treated with such sentences the rate of these crimes will have gone done or would have been distinct.
Reasons against death penalty
The core function of any prison is to rehabilitate individuals, by sentencing the convicts to death penalty it denies them an opportunity to change for the better. Hence denying them a change for the second chance.
The innocent maybe convicted as a result of poor investigations or bribery, by convicting the innocent to death penalty it denies them their right for fair trial and its against their basic rights
It’s against human right everyone has a right to live death penalty is cruel and unfit and takes away rights of the accused. But also no one has a right to commit a felony.
Researchers like Grant McClellan (1961), cited that the motives for the death penalty may be for revenge and argued that legal vengeance solidifies social solidarity against the law breakers.
It’s also believed that death penalty doesn’t prevent crime; this is because since the introduction of this capital sentence the rate of crimes has not completely gone down though people fear death but it has not effectively dealt with this crimes.
Some religions have different approaches towards the death penalty, for instance the bible does state that death penalty is just and valid and gives various instances but however the same is said that murder is not allowed but again not everyone is of the same religion and different people interpret differently and religion is unclear with the death penalty.
Death penalty in some instances causes prolonged agony to the victim’s families since its perceived as neither will it bring backed the desired justice nor will it end the pain incurred.
With death penalty the convicts have no chances to seek forgiveness from the people that they have wronged.
The capital punishment, the execution of a person differs from one method to another; that include slow and painful deaths. Some cultures prefer this kind of method while others don’t.

Death penalty ,in the most criminal justice systems is the most debated subject as to do away with it or to impress it, as per the statements there is sufficient support that it may reduce the rate of serious crimes that are committed regularly. This will prevent murders from taking innocent lives and protecting the properties.
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