Complete Labs 6-1 Activity 2 (Pushup test) and Activity 3 (YMCA half sit up test). If possible, also complete Lab 6-1 Activity 1 (YMCA Bench Press test) and /or Lab 6-2 Activity 1 (1 RM test) and/or Lab 6-2 Activity 2 (hand grip strength test). Submit your write up on these labs. You do not need to submit the actual labs. For the write up, be sure to: Define and describe which tests you used. Interpret your scores and refer to tables for corresponding fitness levels. Analyze your results. Describe your current strength training program. Did your findings surprise you or confirm what you already knew about your muscular strength and endurance? If you don’t have a ST program, what will you take into consideration when designing one? If you have a ST program, what changes will you make based on your results?


Pushup test
The Push-Up Test is a measure of the endurance and muscular strength an. It is a timed exercise that is done to reflect your fitness level. It has helped me measure my fitness level increase my energy, and lose unwanted pounds. In a starting position, I did push up in the standard “military style” position with my toes and hands touching the floor. I counted pushups. My total number of pushups was 45. The test norms tables indicated that my fitness level was good.

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YMCA half sit-up test
With the help of a stopwatch, and my small and mat I used my strip of self-adherent Velcro to lie supine. My knees bent at a right angle with my palms facing done. I maintained a relaxed shoulder position and performed repetitions continuously in one minute. I flexed my spine after which I returned to my starting position. My shoulder rested on the mat without my head touching the mat. I found it easy to breathe during the test. For the three minutes I scored 7 in 5 continues repetitions I had made.
My actual weight score is 7calories with a blood pressure of 102/89 in my three min step test. That is an above average score on the physical fitness evaluation profile. On my YMCA fitness testing and assessment manual, my resting heart rate was 89 and my resting blood pressure at 102/90. My height stood at 5.5 inches and a weight of 70 Kgs.

YMCA Bench Press test
YMCA Bench Press test helps me to make sense of how I am stuck up. I can measure the strength and test my endurance and muscle power. I first adjusted the barbell with a weight 80 pounds for my body weight. I set the metronome at 30 repetitions per minute equivalent to 60 beats per minute and lied on the bench with your my feet flat on the floor and my knees bent. With an overhand grip, I grip the bar about the shoulder-width apart. I pressed the bar upward until my arms were extended. I then lowered the bar to my chest. By raising and lowering the bar to the metronome, I realized I was able to breathe deeply throughout the entire test. I counted my repetitions, off my head. After twenty-seven strokes, I was not able to lift and lower it back the beat. My consecutive repetitions recorded was that my total lifts stood at 36 until I broke my cadence. My fitness level compared to the norms is a good score. My weight lifting per bodyweight was 1.30 – 1.60.

Describe your current strength training program.
My strength training program starts with a bodyweight training. This requires minimal equipment, and that means I can train anywhere, as long as I find enough space. With the help of a pull-up bar, I can administer s pull-ups in the early hours of the day. I have also incorporated. I have also incorporated weighted strength training in the evening because most gyms have well adjustable dumbbells. I have always used the 80lb barbell. Together with my daily seat ups, I prefer this simple work as it suits my tight travel schedules.

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Did your findings surprise you or confirm what you already knew about your muscular strength and endurance?
I was suppressed to realize that my muscular strength and endurance had significantly improved. My tests score were good. My strength training program needs a few adjustments on my target. I have designed a program for a higher number of the number of sets and reps that will help me change an outcome. Reps within the range of 1-5 build strength and dense muscle. In addition, I shall consider reps of the range of 5-10 as I target to build equal amounts of muscular endurance and reps above the range of 10 to build muscular size. I will end my strength programs with ten sets by 5 reps to optimize progress in strength gains.

Thygerson, A. L., & Thygerson, S. M. (2019). Fit to be well: essential concepts. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

YMCA of the USA (2000), YMCA Fitness Testing and Assessment Manual, 4th Edition.

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