Budget cutting is essential because it helps in utilizing the available resources without over-burdening the taxpayer.

Budget Cuts
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Budget cuts
Budget cutting is essential because it helps in utilizing the available resources without over-burdening the taxpayer. This article aims to provide a platform for cutting the budget of the United States to a manageable scale without provoking havoc. On domestic programs and foreign aid, reducing the workforce by ten billion would be of great importance to market innovations brought on board by technology. This would drive the public to become innovators, thus shifting to the advanced globe. Cutting the measure of nuclear warheads and reducing military troops in Asia and Europe under the umbrella of the military category by forty billion collectively is crucial. This will foster the mentality of peaceful negotiations leading to agreements that improve coexistence.
Healthcare is a primary avenue that requires more revenue hence no need to decrease its allocation since diseases are increasingly becoming unpredictable. Precisely, budgetary procedures and rules influence regarding publicly subsidized health care need to be distinct from other brackets of spending (Schakel, Wu & Jeurissen, 2018). On existing tax cuts, there is no need to end tax cuts since the government’s programs are run by it hence saving approximately USD226 billion. Moreover, new taxes are worth an introduction to national sales and carbon emissions, raising eighty-one billion USD. This will make the system inclusive hence covering a gap of approximately USD 357 billion.
Liberals trust government actions of achieving equality for all, while conservatives believe in personalized responsibilities through empowering individuals by the government to solve their problems. Tuxhorn, D’Attoma & Steinmo (2019) agitate that although trust among these groups dampens when making critical decisions on federal budgets, they share similar preferences towards spending cuts and tax increases. Therefore, the highest probability of acquiring support for the budget proposals entails the measure of trust accredited to the regime at the helms of power. In that regard, since most cuts favor the population, their approach to budget development is moderate.

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Tuxhorn, K. L., D’Attoma, J. W., & Steinmo, S. (2019). Trust in government: Narrowing the ideological gap over the federal budget.

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