as story B? (2) How is story A  different than story B? After answering the above questions as part of the prewriting process,  develop a thesis statement. Then, explain at least 

Please choose two short stories from the list below, and ask yourself the following

questions about them: (1) how is story A the

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as story B? (2) How is story A


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than story B? After answering the above questions as part of the prewriting process,

develop a thesis statement. Then, explain at least

one similarity


one difference


the two stories. Please focus on the major


of each story, as well as two or more other

elements from this list:

character, plot, setting, symbol, style,



First called: THE STORY OF HOUR

Second called: The Things They Carried

Time limit: 1 hour and 30 minutes

50 multiple-choice, true/false, matching and reading comprehension questions


Do not hit the BACK button as this will lock you out of the test.

The timer will continue if you leave this test without submitting it.

Please use the following passage to answer the first 5 questions:

Reading Comprehension Question from the play Everyman (lines 22-79).

GOD:  I perceive here in my majesty,

How that all the creatures be to me unkind,

Living without dread in worldly prosperity:

Of ghostly sight the people be so blind,

Drowned in sin, they know me not for their God;

In worldly riches is all their mind.

They fear not my righteousness, the sharp rod.

My law that I showed, when I for them died,

They forget clean, and shedding of my blood red;

I hanged between two, it cannot be denied;

To get them life I suffered to be dead;

I healed their feet, with thorns hurt was my head.

I could do no more than I did, truly;

And now I see the people do clean forsake me.

They use the seven deadly sins damnable,

As pride, covetise, wrath, and lechery

Now in the world be made commendable;

And thus they leave of angels the heavenly company.

Every man liveth so after his own pleasure,

And yet of their life they be nothing sure:

I see the more that I them forbear

The worse they be from year to year.

I hoped well that every man

In my glory should make his mansion,

And thereto I had them all elect;

But now I see, like traitors deject,

They thank me not for the pleasure that I to them meant,

Nor yet for their being that I them have lent;

I proffered the people great multitude of mercy,

And few there be that asketh it heartily;

They be so cumbered with worldly riches

That needs on them I must do justice,

On every man living without fear.

Where art thou, Death, thou mighty messenger?

[Enter Death]

DEATH: Almighty God, I am here at your will,

Your commandment to fulfill.

GOD:  Go thou to Everyman,

And show him, in my name,

A pilgrimage he must … take

And that he bring with him a sure reckoning

DEATH: Lord, I will in the world go run overall,

And cruelly outsearch both great and small;

Everyman will I beset that liveth beastly

Out of God’s laws, and dreadeth not folly.

He that loveth riches I will strike with my dart,

His sight to blind, and from heaven to depart–

Except that alms be his good friend–

In hell for to dwell, world without end 1

1.6 out of 1.6 points

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