Writing is a continuous process, and at all stages of the writing process, writers believe that the readers will find the work interesting.

Writing is a continuous process, and at all stages of the writing process, writers believe that the readers will find the work interesting. Whenever the writer commits to writing a piece of work, he or she should ensure that the material is able to sustain the reader’s interest. Therefore a writer should be critical in regards to diction to ensure that every word that is used enhances the cohesion and coherence. Syntactic and semantic relations must be upheld since they are integral to the meaning contained in the written material. Looking at Garrison Keillor’s quote, it is clear that writing is a conscious process that requires the writer to be aware of the audience. Garrison assets that once a writer makes a mistake it is paramount that the writer tries to fix the mistake by revision the price of work rather than giving up and starting all over again. Mistakes are part of the learning process and once a writer learns how to fix these mistakes writing becomes an interesting and enjoyable experience. Most importantly the writer should always create a rapport with the readers by engaging them directly. Product and process writing are both important approaches to writing.
The product approach to writing is a mimic model where the writer is anticipated to follow certain normative rules that have been traditionally formulated. For instance, when writing a business letter, a writer is expected to adhere to the stipulated guidelines. Process approach to writing, on the other hand, is a model of writing that is creative, varied and flexible in its approach. Here, the writer uses his or her creativity to debate discuss or even explain phenomena in real life. In both approaches when revising the document, it is imperative that the writer writes using his or her senses by remaining objective and critical assertions.
It is important that students know their grades after every essay that they write within the course of the semester. This is because writing is a process and therefore the essay written helps to sharpen the skills of the student. In a portfolio system where students have to know their grades at the end of the semester, they tend to remain anxious about their performance in their in-class grades. This affects their confidence in their writing abilities since they may not know the kind of review that was used to determine their final grade.

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