Values in a person lives are very important since they influence person’s behavior and oftenly serve as technique for evaluating the behavior of others.

Values in a person lives are very important since they influence person’s behavior and oftenly serve as technique for evaluating the behavior of others. For me personally, the most important values I can uphold include honoring my parents since they are the ones who took good care of me and taught me to distinguish right from wrong. Love is also an important value I uphold because also, without love, we can’t live in peace and one cannot progress in life. Value like democracy also is important to me because without democracy, one cannot get to explore oneself and realizes the potential one has. With democracy, one is able to try everything and find where one perfectly fits in.
Merton’s theory of Deviance
Merton in his theory provided ways of how people adapt in certain ways by either conforming or deviating from set cultural expectations. Different Individuals adapts differently. There are several ways one may adapt and include conforming to social norms in which an individual accepts both the overall societal goal and the approved means like working hard. In addition to that, an individual may adapt to innovator technique in which one accepts the overall goals of the society, however, the pursuance method is deemed as improper.
Furthermore, individuals may adapt a ritualist method in which they abandon the overall goal of material success and become committed to institutional means. Moreover, the individuals may choose to apply the retreatist technique whom they have retreat from the overall goals. Examples of such individuals are those who are drug addicts and vagrants. A final adaptation an individual may practice is rebellion where an individual feels alienated from the dominant means and goals and may seed dramatically a different social order.
Taking sociology to work
Going to college had a lot of challenges for me like adapting to people from different background and religions. After studying in a local elementary school and secondary school, I was used to students since we were all from the same village. We believed in one thing, though we had minor differences. When I joined college, everything was new, the environment, the people and everything. I found it very hard to cope up with the new environment, at first, I wanted to quit studying and go back home but my friend whom we came together from secondary school encouraged me and told me I would adapt.
Soon after we started our classes, I did a lot of reading and felt interested and the need to study sociology. I really needed to know and understand the different kinds of people. I soon found myself becoming friends with the students from other different backgrounds. My life in university became enjoyable and I started to understand people from different backgrounds. So sociology helped me a lot in adjusting.
After learning of social construction reality, it has helped me to realize that everything around me is sociological. It had enabled me to understand and looks at all aspects of environment with an understanding mind. I gained understanding of both the bad and the good done by people of different backgrounds. Generally, the social construction authority has enabled me to understand the different backgrounds of people.
Interactionist perspective
Conspicuous consumption is an act of purchasing goods or doing things not to survive but to flaunt ones superior wealth and social standing. In college, most of the students are normally involved in conspicuous consumption. Some of my friends sometimes they go to a five star hotel just to spent the night take and taking as much photos as possible to act as evidence. One of my fellow students recently purchased a motor vehicle Mercedes Benz worth $142,000 and driving it to college. The obvious conspicuous consumption I usually notice are my fellow students always going to an expensive restaurant just to have lunch and equipping their room with expensive electronics. The subtle being some of them purchasing very expensive books for study and other studying materials like computers and laptops.
Sociology on Campus
Student loans is very important in college for me personally and my friends. This is because it enables for payment of services and goods we may be in dire need of. It helps in paying for tuition and enables one from poor background to finish the studies. It also enables us to pay for our tuition books and also for daily basic expenses. Without these loans, it would be difficult. Apart from difficulty from paying the tuition fees, we still be looking upon our already struggling parents to finance the same. Daily basic expenses will be luxuries and we will be forced to go without.
Lack or shortage of need based financial aid will make one difficult to continue studying especially if from a very poor background. This in turn will render a person with no knowledge which globally is important so that one can get a job. It will also lead to escalation of poverty among the poor since the rich will afford to pay for their children while the poor will not. Globally, the rate of poverty will increase rather than reducing.
Social Mobility
Social mobility can be defined as the movement of an individual between social strata in a society. It can also be termed as a change in a social status relative to the other social location in a particular society.
Social mobility can vary from one individual to others depending on some factors such as the kind of occupation one is involved in. For instance, an accountant will not be in a same social level with a mortuary attendant. Education also has a role to play in determining one social status. Educated people seem to unconsciously mingle with other educated people. Moreover, race and ethnicity also determines whom to mingle with. White people seem to mingle with whites even in the presence of black people there. Gender also plays a role as people of the same gender mostly mingles with others of the same gender.
For me, education will play a major role in determining my own social mobility. Since I will be interested in learning the feelings and understanding of different individuals, I will be mobile in all aspects stated. For educational mobility, it is hard to mingle and reason together with un educated or less educated people. Though not all are hard to understand, majority of them are. Due to my social nature of work, I will traverse the ethnicity and genders in order to understand what make other people differ and react the way they do. Education will help me to ask complicated questions and charge how they answer and thereby draw conclusions therefrom.

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