The Past, Current, and Future of U.S. Health Policy

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Paper Title The Past, Current, and Future of U.S. Health Policy
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Instructions Health policy reinforces decision-making and planning processes that aim explicitly at societal health improvement. Policy, if implemented meticulously, allows healthcare leaders to forecast based on financial, political, and societal trends. Policy also provide objectives and contingency plans to facilitate growth through definition and/or redefinition of the company’s mission and vision (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2014). In a minimum of 250 words, discuss the following:

  • Choose one of the following processes and apply it to ACA:
    • Policy Analysis Process of Identification & Definition
    • Policy Analysis Process of Health Technology Assessment
    • Policy Analysis Process of Evidence-Based Medicine
    • Policy Analysis Process of Evaluation of Political Feasibility
    • Policy Analysis Process of Evaluation of Economic Viability
    • Policy Analysis Process of Analysis of Values
    • Implementation Strategy and Planning
  • What are the defining characteristics of policy change? Provide a scholarly supported rationale.

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