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Find a video online that talks about Recognition and management of tardive dyskinesia Then answer the following questions

1. Describe the event and the presenter. Was it a pharm rep, a video, a doctor/NP, etc? If the talk was given by an “expert” who were they and did they disclose conflicts of interest? Were they believable? Were you swayed by their credentials, agency affiliation (i.e. Harvard University, John Hopkins) or expertise?

2. If there was a “meet and greet” before or after the presentation was there much energy spent by the representative to engage you in a conversation about the product?

3. Does the symposium/educational discussion present a balanced view of the evidence? Is it meaningful for clinical practice or is it just statistically relevant? Does the collateral information such as the powerpoints/brochures present the information in a misleading fashion ?

4. Do you feel the drug company has manipulated published research to make their drug look good? Describe.

5. What were the “giveaways”, if any? This includes anything from a pen, a pad of paper to a meal or raffle prize. How does this influence your response to the information presented?

6. Is the program something the presenter developed or is it a “canned” presentation by the sponsor?

7. What is the branding strength of the endorsed product? Does it appear in lay advertising, on TV, the internet, etc. or have you seen the product brochure, etc. in clinic/PCP offices? Is the product being advertised with the brand or generic name?

8. What is your overall feeling associated with the presentation? Do you have a worrisome or gut feeling about the product or presented evidence that makes you want to use/prescribe or just the opposite? Do you feel manipulated in any way or feel there may be an ethical issue here with transparency?

9. What did this activity lead you to believe re: critical analysis of industry sponsored presentations? How will address your pharmaceutical biases as a practicing NP?



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