Many foreign countries are putting efforts on ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs of drying processes, placing U.S. at the edge competition.

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Separations projects and society effect
Many foreign countries are putting efforts on ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs of drying processes, placing U.S. at the edge competition. The United States faces various challenges. One of the salient problem affecting US communities is the attempt to introduce unique sensors which understand product temperatures, moisture content and physical elements during the drying process. From the GE knowledge, I will pragmatically explain the need for drying process in the US and how it fits into the political, economic and historical leading to diversity and equality. In particular, I will discuss the impact of drying process and communities in the US.
Essentially, drying accentuates massive transfer process involving the separation of water or any other solvent through evaporation from the solid, liquid or semi-solid. Drying is applied at the end of every production process before sell or packaging of products. According to Forbes 400, most of the companies anticipate considerable losses in the market because of high moisture content in the final product (Diab, 14).
My separation process (drying) is significant in the USA because it expounds the need for quality and stable products. Improved quality of product means increased profits because it attracts a wide range of customers globally. Communities’ use of drying separation process get to generate additional funds to meet day to day expenses. Besides, increased resources mean other resources which are used as either foreign or domestic investment. Through separation process and in particularly drying process communities save on costs through the preservation of the excess goods (storage). The excess consumed during scarcity and some sold at a profit. Drying process improves communities US livelihoods through the storing products to be sold during low supply and demand high netting huge funds.
My separation process improves product quality and communities are destined to achieve transformative ways of earning money. It results to transfer of products to industries which give room for new and sustainable separation processes. The drying process culminates saving significant costs which enterprises are adopting manage to increase their cash collection points. Sectors which proclaim the use of drying methods are better positioned to export products which meet set standards. It is through this way that workers are in a better position and expected better pay and good working conditions. Industries will be able to generate more income and be able to get additional funds to pay its workers.
The drying process is the best solution to communities it is an elaborate measure of keeping food safe from spoiling and maintain nutritional content. Yes, US today is crippling with coming up with best ways to keep food safe and keep the nutritional value, but because of the use chemical, it has not been possible. Communities adopting the use of drying process are better placed regarding economic growth and socially. Drying process incorporates the use of new technologies where it simplifies the entire process and the society around benefit from the seasonal shortage of foods (Das, 737).
Initiating my separation process projects like drying within a community poses some benefits, development of critical projects which would sustain human life and improve social well-being of the cities. Separation projects demand auxiliary services benefiting the community directly. It’s apparent today that the USA is losing significant amounts of energy and billions of money because of it lacks improved, sustainable and cheap technologies. Separation projects are geared towards designing projects that benefit the nation and improves the livelihood of the community. The plans provide long-lasting jobs through the requirement of skilled and non-skilled labor to work in such separation projects. The drying process will offer vacancies to both men and women to work and learn. The salaries received by the women and men will be able to educate their siblings, and as a whole, they become transformed and sensitized.

Work cited
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Diab, Samir, and Dimitrios I. Gerogiorgis. “Technoeconomic Analyses of Separation Processes for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Assessing Process Performance, Material Efficiency and Economic Viability.” Chem. Today 35 (2017): 14-17.

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