Knowledge of statistics helps in future occupation because of its ability to explain the numbers to all the people.


Taking Sociology to work
Knowledge of statistics helps in future occupation because of its ability to explain the numbers to all the people. By applying the knowledge of statistics, I will be able to calculate and interpret the figures found out to aid me in forecasting what is likely to happen. This will in turn then enable me to plan wisely in my occupation of may be ten years from now. It will further more enable me to monitor the programs available and make informed decisions.
The kind of statistics found in the human service planning alliance data house are, the Homeless Data management System which can be found in Homeless Service Providers. It can be found there because these service providers use them in coordinating the data on housing. Coordination requires use of statistics and thus the likely use of Homeless Data management System in such tasks.
Raising children Amish style
Anyone coming from a subculture that rejects the mainstream American subculture possesses some common norms and values which include high expectation of their adolescent children to test their subculture boundaries during their discovery period. In addition, their norm doesn’t allow drinking or smoking and even driving of cars. These subcultures resemble the Amish cultures and norms in cases such as not allowing their children to smoke and drink. They also expect their children to respect their cultures. Despite of this, they also differ from the Amish life styles since when their children tries to sway away from their cultures and norms, they instill disciplinary action against them in order to change their ways. Amish style doesn’t, they in fact look the other way and react as if nothing has happened.
Amish youths, when they rebel against their family’s way of life will eventually come back because they have strong belief in the community’s traditional values. So, if in case during their period they a way away from these values, they will later come back to their senses and realize that they have disrespected the community, they will come back and ask for forgiveness. Thereafter, they become baptized and adhere to these norms.
Social Media
Social media can be used to do a lot of stuff, one of the task which can be done by use of social media include campaigning. For, me personally, the campaign I carried out using the social media is informing people on failure kidney awareness. This campaign I carried out by using my LinkedIn professional network by educating the entire audience on importance of living a healthy life in order not to tamper with the kidney functions. This, I thought them on how expensive the dialysis process is and above all, I recommended the diet which will keep fit the body functions. I also extended the same in my face book and twitter accounts.
In my own career, social media will play an important role since I will use it as a marketing agent. I will use it to advertise our products and services we offer in our company. In addition, I will educate the prospective clients on how to use the products, the usefulness of those products and also to offer them through online trade that is selling online. I will also use the social media to advice our clients on using our products. Moreover, it will help to communicate with the clients since it is the cheapest means.
Thinking Critically
The differences between slavery and caste systems are that castes are perceived as hereditary groups with a fixed ritual status, social classes are defined in terms of the relations of production. While slavery systems are perceived as category of people who have a similar socio-economic status in relation to other classes in the society. The individuals and families which are classified as part of the same social class have similar life styles.
Slavery systems depend mainly on economic differences between groupings of individuals inequalities in possession and control of material resources whereas caste system depends on non-economic factors such as influence of religion. Furthermore, slavery systems are not established by legal or religious provisions. Membership is not based on inherited position as specified either legally or by custom. On the other hand, the membership is inherited in the caste system.
Slavery system is typically more fluid than the caste system or the other types of stratification and the boundaries between classes are never clear cut and dynamic. Caste system on the other hand is static. In addition, in slavery system, there are no formal restrictions on inter dining and inter marriage between people from different classes as is found in the caste system. Endogamy is the essence of caste system which is perpetuating it.
In the caste system and in other types of stratification system, inequalities are expressed primarily in personal relation¬ships of duty or obligation between lower and higher caste individuals, between serf and lord, between slave and master. On the other hand, the nature of slavery system is impersonal. Slavery system operates mainly through large-scale connections of an impersonal kind.
The similarities between the slavery systems and caste systems are, the caste-based slavery acted as a key issue finding that, Poverty and India’s caste system are significant contributing factors to its modern slavery problem. Indians most vulnerable to modern slavery are those from the ‘lower’ castes and the indigenous communities especially women and children.

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Label is the primary point of contact between the producer and the purchaser and should be thought of as an integral part of the producer’s marketing plan. The most labeling type I am familiar with is the direct labeling. In this labeling, the labels are printed directly onto the container which may be a box, bottle, tin or plastic bag which is then filled and closed. When using this labels, the designing of the label is too often left to a local printer rather than using professional designers who are also skilled in the marketing and brand image aspects of product presentation. The proper use of color, pictures and graphics can change a poor looking pack of food into one that suggests quality and reliability. The design also has to relate to the customer requirements.
A changing Nation
A social change reflected on the table 16.2 reflects some dynamic social parameters. The likely parameters to change are the population which when viewed from the table, it is very dynamic and forecasting for the next decade, the population might be three hundred and forty million. Labor force is another changing parameter but reducing in nature. The total labor participation is reducing slowly. The technology issued which includes patents and copy rights are increasing drastically.
Resistance to technology
The hardest change to accept is technological change; this is because technological changes bring about negative effects to the employees. Employees will lose their jobs thus view the improvement of technology as an enemy to their work.

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