Choose the sentence that uses apostrophes correctly.

Poetic Terms

Fill in the letter that corresponds to the poetic term that belongs in the blank.

1. If you read a poem that leaves you with a sad feeling, the __________ of the poem is melancholy.
1. an instrument that measures weight and density
2. a substance capable of neutralizing (working against) a poison
3. study of and writing down of the vital statistics of people (birth, death, etc.)
4. in drama, when an actor gives a speech while alone on stage
5. a morbid fear of work
a. ergophobia
b. demography
c. soliloquy
d. gravimeter
e. antitoxin

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Choose the sentence that uses apostrophes correctly.

17. Choose the sentence that uses apostrophes correctly.
1. a star-like sign used in printing
2. an ancient or prehistoric drawing or painting on a rock wall
3. fear of water
4. of or relating to the commerce of the sea
5. the part of the world where life can exist
a. pictograph
b. maritime
c. hydrophobia
d. asterisk
e. biosphere
“Why Poetry?”

Choose the best multiple-choice answers for the following questions about the article “Why Poetry?”

27. According to Polonsky, what is the first “tool” for understanding poetry?
[removed] enthusiasm
[removed] cleverness
[removed] patience
[removed] intelligence
28. Which of the following poetry analogies is not mentioned in “Why Poetry?”
[removed] Poetry is like music and can affect your mood.
[removed] Learning to enjoy poetry is like learning to swim.
[removed] Poetry is like chocolate cake – a rich sensory experience.
[removed] A poem is like a piece of code to be deciphered.
29. According to Marc Polonsky (the author of “Why Poetry?”), how is poetry similar to yoga?
[removed] Yoga relaxes the body; poetry relaxes the mind.
[removed] Yoga and poetry both help build a person’s concentration.
[removed] Yoga limbers up the body; poetry stretches the imagination.
[removed] Yoga and poetry reading become easier with practice.
“When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer”

Choose the best multiple-choice answers for the following questions about the poem “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer.”

30. Which line from the poem contains an example of alliteration?
[removed] “in the mystical moist night air”
[removed] “till rising and gliding out I wander’d off by myself”
[removed] “the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me”
[removed] “how soon unaccountable I became tired and sick”
31. When the speaker goes outside, the mood changes. What word best describes this new mood?
[removed] stressful
[removed] exciting
[removed] peaceful
[removed] depressing
32. Which experience would the speaker in “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer,” enjoy most?
[removed] a scientific debate
[removed] a historical speech
[removed] a math contest
[removed] a stroll in the park
33. What kind of mood does Whitman create during the astronomer’s lecture?
[removed] one of enthusiasm
[removed] one of frustration
[removed] one of happiness
[removed] one of relaxation

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Choose the best multiple-choice answers for the following questions about the poem “Today.”

34. Which of the following statements is the best theme for “Today”?
[removed] Treasure each moment with your family.
[removed] Stay healthy by getting out and exercising.
[removed] Take the time to enjoy nature every day.
[removed] Be true to your dreams and never give up.
35. What is the most likely reason that the author uses autumn/harvest imagery in the second stanza?
[removed] It shows us that the speaker and all of his grandsons have all been involved in farming the land.
[removed] It is the season when people gather food, and he is implying that he and his grandsons are hungry.
[removed] It is a season of change symbolizing a transition between youth (spring) and old age (winter).
[removed] It shows us that he isn’t as interested in his grandsons as he is in the outcome of the upcoming harvest.
36. Why is “Today” an appropriate title for this poem?
[removed] It captures the urgency of enjoying our loved ones now.
[removed] It shows that the future is not worth worrying about.
[removed] It points to the need to find beauty in the world around us.
[removed] It helps convey the message that the past is unimportant.

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