Carrying guns to schools have been a major challenge as to whether to be banned or continue.

Carrying guns to schools have been a major challenge as to whether to be banned or continue. With increase of misuse of such guns leading to deaths and injuries, in my opinion should be banned. Looking on what happened on January 22, ten shots being fired and causing injuries to Berry another student and a maintenance man were injured. If guns were not allowed in schools, such incidences would not have occurred.
Allowing the people to carry guns to schools poses danger to many and hidden agendas will be executed. Immediately after the shooting, Garcia pointed out that its Berry Carlton who has shoot. Looking at this closely, it might have been a plan to shoot and the immediate scape goat was to fix Berry Carlton simply because he was close to the scene. If guns were not allowed, there could have been no such scene.
Foster was arrested because Berry fingered him out as the shooter. Berry who seemed to be a culprit brings out a culprit. Because of Carlton, Berry was arrested. This turn of events revolve around these three people and is likely to be all of them knew what was happening. To hide who shoot. They might have been hired by the judges or somebody close to the judge’s .This is explicable since the judges said that to do justice about that crime was to dismiss the cases. This can’t be justice but as a matter of fact they are hiding a heinous act they planned.
Looking from another point of view, allowing guns to be taken to schools poses a risk. Robbers might pose like they are students in planning their mission. For instance, firing gun ten times might have been a means to scare away the students who were around while the robbers carry out their task. Accidentally, three people got injured. If it was a case where guns are not allowed into the school, such culprits could have been detected and the whole mission could have failed. It becomes difficult to detect who and who is not a student.
From the story of Berry and Carlton, they both seem to dislike each other. This is depicted when Carlton hastily pointed out that its Berry who has done the shooting. In the event that one or both of them had guns, they would have embarked on shooting each other and causing violence to escalate. This might results to injuries if not dead. On the other hand, If result one dies in that incident, for fear to be arrested, one might shoot himself or herself.
Guns on campus will also distract learning environment. Since the place is so crowded, anything happening will be noticed and attract attention. Like the case where ten fired shots were heard, it is indubitable that the students rushed towards the scene leaving whatever they were doing. This gathering also to some extent is very dangerous and since guns are carries all around, any person might snap a gun from any source visible and start spraying pullets free. This will lead to a lot of deaths.
In destructing studies, guns at campuses will also waste time of the students and lecturers involved. This is according to Chancellor Kent Hance, training will have to be done to anyone to concealed gun before taking it around with him. This clearly shows that, instead of learning taking on, many will be undergoing training. Those who wouldn’t be having concealed guns will only be left at the lecture halls without anybody to teach them.
There is high possibility that allowing guns in campuses will lead to theft of such. This is due to the fact that not all students will be able to obtain a license for the conceal guns. The others who may have obtain the licenses live together with others who have no licenses. Temptation might occur to one of the roommates to steal the gun. Such gun being stolen will definitely be used to harm or to steal or both.
Like in the case of Berry, he was shot in a posterior. Looking like from a short range, it can be deduced that the gun might have gone off unexpectedly. These likely results from inexperienced in using such guns and lack of formal training on hoe to operate. As witnessed ,the result to this is life threatening. Such incidences will only be avoided if proper training is done and implementation of appropriate policies to be done. Best of all, abolishing such guns in any schools will lead to sane learning environment.
From a logical view, campus guns will turn class rooms into crime scenes, this is because campus students are highly emotional and will not let anyone insulted or joke with them. Linked to many students consuming alcohol and other dangerous drug substances will have their view and judgment impaired. Result of this is any how use of fire arm like shooting at any object they come across. If a human being is around, life is at stake.
Leaders of the students in campuses seems to have powers so much, if on any occasion any of the student misunderstands each other with one of the leaders, guns being present will be used as a means to deter. This will catalyze the reaction of the other and prompt to use own gun. Continuing with such quarrels will lead to life loss or serious on both concerned parties participating in such conflicts. The same leaders might see themselves as responsible from protecting their school from outside forces such as striking and expecting not to be pursued by police. Failure to their expectations, police pursuing them will be engaged in gun fires and definitely loss of lives will be witnessed.