Paper Type 1#Critical Thinking
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Paper Title benchmarks
Subject Area Healthcare
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Citation APA
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Instructions After reading the material for the module, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of developing benchmarks for a healthcare organization. Additionally, discuss the need to communicate the goals of benchmarks with the decision-makers of the organization. In your opinion, why is it so important to share the benchmarks with the team? Lastly, as a manager, what would you do if your team disagreed with the benchmarks that have been established?


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Gapenski, L. C., & Pink, G. H. (2015). Understanding healthcare financial management (7th ed.). Chicago: Association of University Programs in Health Administration and Health Administration Press. ISBN: 9781567937060. Chapters 13: Financial Condition Analysis in Understanding Healthcare Financial Management â— Chapter 16: Business Combinations and Valuation in Understanding Healthcare Financial Management

â— Demartini, C., & Trucco, S. (2017). Are performance measurement systems useful? Perceptions from health care. BMC Health Services Research, 17.

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