A collaborative practice agreement in this context refers to the law that builds a working relationship between Hospitals and advanced nursing practitioners(Foundation, 2017).

Advanced Practice Nursing

A collaborative practice agreement in this context refers to the law that builds a working relationship between Hospitals and advanced nursing practitioners(Foundation, 2017). Different states have different laws that include licensing requirements and scope of practice for advanced practice nurses(Parker, 2017). Hospitals also have different credentialing procedures that significantly affect the role of practitioners. This paper focuses on the state of Georgia and discusses the collaborative practice act as well as the scope of practice in different hospitals that affect the role advanced practice nurses in the state.
In the state of Georgia, the medical practitioners must be registered as a professional nurse to practice in any hospital. They should be licensed by the state, and have an advanced practice nurse certificate as outlined in the nurses Education law (Georgia, 2017). A licensed and registered nurse practitioner in New York State must align their services within the allocated scope of practice: diagnosis of ailments, examination of physical conditions, and providing therapeutic services. The practitioners can offer a medical prescription to patients whose conditions deteriorate but fall within the authorized scope of practice as prescribed in the nurse certificate. The Nurse is allowed to diagnose and treat human response issues to health problems: health counseling, case finding, providing health support and well-being care, and offering health education.
Emory university school of medicine and medical college of Georgia are preferably well suited for a Nurse practitioner specializing in medical surgery and acute care practices (Muchi, 2011). In both hospitals, practitioners are approved by National certification to check their formal educational background and they are prepared to carry out different types of care through a rigorous training exercise. In both hospitals, acute care practitioners are confined to provide restorative care by altering healthcare conditions of patients that have undergone surgery. In this scope, the practitioner can have the privilege to attend patients with chronic and complex acute illness. The Nurses at some level are privileged to perform certain surgical procedures. It is also worth noting that Emory university school of medicine also allows practitioners to coordinate referrals and write prescriptions based on the practitioner’s experience (Liza Marmo, 2013).
There are many factors to consider when applying for a job as an advanced nurse practitioner. The scope of practice and job expectations along with available privileges should be negotiated. Financial considerations are key in any employment contract(SL, 2010). Future prospects in terms of a contract if applicable should also be negotiated. These are among the few but key considerations in place when negotiating for a job as a nurse practitioner.

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